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Baofeng GM-15 Pro Programming



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On 11/18/2023 at 7:25 PM, KJHackworth said:

I have a pair of Baofeng GM-15 Pro radios and I am having trouble figuring out how to program them for my local repeater. Can anyone direct me towards a source (other than the enclosed user guide)?


Thank you


Not enough information my friend. Do the local repeaters have Codes for CTCSS or ? DCS? If so, you'll need to insure you use those. Do you know the frequency that the repeaters are using? 
Randy who is on these forums as well as others, but I use his YouTube channel and it's been great for info. Check out his channel and he has a video or two about how to connect to repeaters. His channel on YouTube is called "NotaRubicon" I do believe that's how you spell it. His name is Randy and he's really good at this stuff, but there are loads of people on YouTube that know this stuff inside out. 
Remember also, you can have everything setup correctly and not be able to contact the repeater because of obstructions and distance. Not trying to sound snarky, but it's true. I have a repeater about 30 miles away and I can get the kerchunk, but no one can hear me.. Now, if I get a little closer by about 5 miles on top of a hill I can use it.. So, this could also be the problem. The only way to tell is get really close and see if you can hit the repeater.. If you have a 5 watt radio and there aren't too many obstructions you should be able to hit it at a couple miles I would think no matter, but I could be wrong. Again, youtube is your friend.. I have the same radio by the way and I like it.. It's not perfect, but so easy to use and so inexpensive! 

Good luck! 

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