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Realism in Model Railroading


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There's post on just about everything that FRS Radios can be used for, but I haven't read about FRS Radios in the world model railroading. Some years ago, my friend took up to the NYMES and I noticed the club members were communicating using FRS. I wish I had scanner to pick up the comms, I imagine they were operating prototypically, because many model railroading clubs try to operate realistically as possible. Right down to using NORAC RULES and FRA RULES.

There has to some members on this forum who not only into GMRS, but as model railroading enthusiasts.  I just see my Jim and I if FRS  was available back in the late 80's early 90's, we would have a ball. Because as a Rail Fan, the overhead catenary was murder on AM CB.  We attempted using 49mhz, but the transmitting power and too obstacles to block the line of site.

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A while back I posted something about a Shortline Tourist Railroad utilizing FRS for communications. Of course, I assume that the office staff concession staff use it, not the Train Crews. Although Shortline RR operate differently than Class One Railroads. I notice the Turtle Creek RR in Pennsylvania listed 462.5625 w / PL 67.0. For the majority of those with less knowledge of FCC Rules & Regulations, I'll bet they have interference with just anyone who use that same channel to talk to their family members on board train or around the railroad property.

Happy New Year !

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