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Retevis RB17P weather alert

Guest RoRo

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Guest RoRo

I can't enable weather alert on this radio.  Manual calls it NOAA watch function in the manual but does not say how to activate it.  I can and have chosen the right channel in my area (CH 2 for me), but for the life of me I can figure how to activae the watch function..

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I just looked up the manual for this radio. Here are the sections that deal with the weather channels. For anyone that wants to help. (I don't have this radio.)

The parts of radio
1.PTT Button:
A:Press PTT can talk
2.Side button
A:Set as the CTCSS/DCS menu: Short press will switch: OFF -> CTCSS ->
B:Short press activate the function you set.Optional Function: scan, vox,
sub-channel transmit, NOAA, Monitor(Cancel squelch);
C:Long press activate Monitor Function(Cancel squelch)
A:Receive and transmit signal
4.Alarm button
A:In standby state, press this top Alarm button to activate Alarm.Alarm option:
(local or local+ remote)
B: When alarm is on. No key operation will work.After sending the alarm bell for
20s, standby 10s and repeat again and again.
😄 Press PTT button exit the alarm
A: Output Audio
6.Menu button
A:Press will into Menu setting
A: In channel mode standby, switch scan direction in scan mode.
B: Long press to achieve quick rollover
8.Confirm Button
A: In menu operation, short press to confirm;
B: In standby, long press to open or close the keyboard lock.
A: In channel mode standby, switch scan direction in scan mode.
B: Long press to achieve quick rollover
10.Back Button
A: Short press during menu operation to return to the previous level, short press
during standby to switch the main frequency to A or B;
B: Long press to start scanning; Activate NOAA channel scan when NOAA is on.
When NOAA is off or standby, press to activate radio scan.
11. Status indicator
A: The red light is on when transmitting, and the green light is on when receiving.
12. Power/volume switch
A: Turn on or off the walkie-talkie/ Adjust the volume of the walkie-talkie.
13. MIC/SP jack
A: It is used for external earphones.
14. Battery pack
A: Supply power for your walkie talkie


NOAA function
A:When activating the NOAA, the squelch is also turn on. The state will be
maintained for 300 seconds(5 minutes) to return back to Channel Mode.
B:In NOAA working mode, radio can't receive and transmit signal.
C:When the NOAA watch function is enabled: In both NOAA and channel mode,
you need to receive 1050Hz signaling to enable NOAA reception, otherwise you
cannot switch to NOAA mode
D:In NOAA and Channel mode dual watch duty: At 1050Hz, it will switch to the
receiving state after the "beep, beep" tone is emitted.

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