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Feeling like a total retard with my radio



I am a newbie (green as can be) and I just got a pair of Baofeng UV-5G Plus HT's . I am trying to connect to a repeater that is close by to me in Lake Oswego Oregon. Repeater named :


LAK17R (600)

Lake Oswego, OR

Frequency462.600 MHz

Output Tone123.0 Hz

Input Tone123.0 Hz

Repeater Type Open System

Estimated Range35 Miles


I have tried to makes sense of the manual and might be making more of this than I think..  Following these instructions has lead to no good outcome for me. Is there anyone who has this radio that can educate me on this magic needed? 

Thank you  

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A: Put the radio on Repeater channel 3 (it might show as Repeater 17 or channel 25, I dont remember).. Go into the menu and find the TRANSMIT CTCSS setting (you may have to refer to the user manual), select 123.0, and save it.

2: Hold the front of the radio near your noise-hole, press the trigger, and talk. 

If you saved the tone correctly, if that is the correct tone, if the repeater is online, and if you are within range of the repeater, you will be able to hit the repeater.

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