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Kenwood HT batteries and chargers



After playing the Ni-Cad game with several TK-280, TK-380 and TK-370 HT's, I am starting to replace the Ni-Cad's with the Ni-MH variety.


It looks like the only multi-chemical rapid charger that I have out of 5 chargers total is a KSC-24, which does both Ni-Cad and Ni-MH.


Has anyone tried NON-KENWOOD rapid chargers for the battery packs  -  KNB-15 and KNB-17  ?


Looking for one more rapid charger for these new Ni-MH packs.  OR if anyone has a used Kenwood KSC-24 charger available, please let me know. (I don't do ebay).







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Put the word out locally and within 4 hours we had a KSC-24 desktop charger. We already had a 120 VAC to 15 VDC 1000 mah rapid charger power supply from a KSC-20, so we only needed the KSC-24 cradle. 


John - if you happen to locate something, please PM me - we still may need a spare for our south Alabama equipment custodian's location. Thanks.

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Thanks John - just a little news taking place this morning.  Our southern states responder team equipment custodian was able to secure a slightly used KSC-24 this morning for $ 15.00.  It was tested and is now staged with the rest of our go-gear in Baldwin County, Alabama.


Looks as if we have enough of these for the moment and thank you for contacting me about it last week.  Very much appreciated.

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