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Part 95 Question.



Still relatively new to GMRS. This is more of I think a legal question. All of the radios that operate on GMR frequencies, the inexpensive kind that we see all over for sale, that do not say, part 95 “CERTIFIED”, that ‘everyone’ seems to be using………are they LEGAL? We have, and use Wouxun’s, so it’s not an issue to us however, I have many coworkers who ask about the radios, and I do not want to steer them wrong. Thanks for the help.

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If the radio is not Part 95 certified it is not certified for use on the GMRS frequencies. As folks will point out, it is not a law, it is a regulation. Will the FCC come looking for you if you use a non Part 95 certified radio on GMRS? Probably not as there is no way to tell by hearing the transmissions. If you are a douche canoe and are using your radio to cause  serious  and prolonged interference to other users and get caught, the FCC folks may very well add that to your list of regulation violations.

If someone is interested in GMRS I will explain licensing and a need for a certified GMRS radio is. What they do after that is up to them.

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