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R1225 Build



Alright, so I managed to rescue 6 R1225s from going into the dumpster today. I decided at least one of them would go into GMRS service. So this will likely be a start to finish. These were all M04 (1-10W UHF) repeaters and were used in an analog trunking system for city services. For those wondering, they were removed in working order due to a wide area P25 upgrade (to VHF). Also they were all utilizing 100W external PA's (reasoning for be LPI repeaters).




As you can see, these are headless. So first step (which I'm still working on) is to read the radio. Getting a control head on it will be the first step.


To Be Continued…



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Would the heads of maxtracsHEADS work? I have 4 radios that I bought 800mhz trunking that are just paper weight right now.



Someone over on the batboard just posted that GM300 heads will work. I suspect that the MaxTrac heads are pretty much the same and should also work.

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I've heard the Maxtrac/Radius heads will not work but I'm not going to question it. I managed to pull a VHF expanded logic GM300 from the junk bin for testing and reading was a success.


Here are some of my discoveries.


Jumper required to enable repeater for headless operation.



The R1225 is built on the same chassis as the GM300 so the GM300 head doesn't just enable programming, it actually mounts (though covers up the RX connector) which gives me an eventual direction I may move this setup.




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