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TD-H3 ODMaster Software Problems/Questions



I'm hoping someone can tell me what I am doing wrong with programing my HT with ODMaster.  I have two issues I need some guidance on.  Both devices are Android.


When I load a profile image in CHIRP, I can setup an image to be in Channel Only mode, preventing changes to the radio.  I can't find this setting in the image when I read/edit with ODMaster.  Does anyone where where I can find that value toggle?  I read a few post online that said something about being in an advanced menu, but mine doesn't have an option to display an advanced menu.


The other issue is, when my phone or tablet are 100% offline, zero signal, etc., there are no TD-H3 profiles cached on the devices.  If I connect via BT or not, there are no TD-H3 listings.  The only way I can program my HTs with my phone or tablet is if the device has internet connectivity.  The odd part is, when I first got the app, they were there, but now regardless of how many times I uninstall and reinstall the app, there are no TD-H3 offline connection profiles under "Select Model". 


The part that is really bugging me is, if I have an internet connection, but don't login to the app, the profiles then become available.  So the app is still clearly linking back to the servers, even if I don't login.


Anyone know how to cache the TD-H3 profiles for true offline use?

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I also do not see Channel Only mode in my Odmaster App-- or any advanced tab.  I also need a Network connection to use the Odmaster App.

Maybe the advanced tab comment was referring to the Tid Programming software?...  This Channel Only mode appears in the Tid Programming Software.

Select the Edit Tab > Optional Features to see it.    A saved file is available offline for use with your programming cable.

Best Regards!


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