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Need help newbie



I have had my license for 3 years but my friend programmed all my radios and passed away.  I cant seem to program the radios properly to work and need help.  I was approved to use numerous repeaters years ago but all that info is gone. 


I have 1 working radio that was programmed by my friend but I cant access the software to pull up the seetings.  Ive been working with mfg. Retevis but they cant seem to help.  I have 1 working retevis RT-9000D radio but I cant get software to read the radio.  If I can bring up the settings I can program the other radios I have.


I have 2 btech uv-2501 and uv-5001 radios that the software works but unable to understand the settings to program.


Any help out there for me?




Ken Schon

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I do not know your particular radios. but you should consider CHIRP programing software. Is included in many if not most linux distros and is a free download for windows products. When you obtain your repeater info, you will understand the repeater listens on 467 and Transmits on 462 that is the common repeater off set. so your radio should be set to listen on 462 and transmit on 467. a PL or Dpl/DCS tone may be used to activate the repeater, you may also use this or another tone to limit noise of other users on different tone. Make sure you are within range of said repeater and use a mobile or roof top antenna for better results.

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I know the two btech mobile radios you mentioned are programed similar to the other baofeng radios. I can try to help, but, unfortunately, I may need more details of what the problem is. I understand you're not too familiar with programing, but, without specific questions, I could only advise checking some YouTube videos or the operators manual. I have seen some programing YouTube videos and I think the baofeng website has manuals.

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