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Crossband Power TX vs RX?


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Does the transmit side power matter or just the receive? If the transmit is VHF for example, which another radio transmits and the receive is UHF which another radio receives on, is it necessary to have the power higher on both tx and rx on the crossband repeater or just one side?

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Elevation, altitude, type of antenna, coax length and size should be the most important for receive, As far as linear amplifier, or power as you call it, all the above to transmit. The higher the frequency the more penetration.. Think of a microwave oven on low and high, works exactly the same way. Be careful!!!

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I'm referring to the input and output power settings of the repeater. Also, perhaps you've checked PastorGary's recent friendly notification in the Private Discussion? I'm not one to generally point that out, especially when it comes to others, but, I've been feeling a little uncomfortable.

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