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Adding a beep or courtesy tone for crossband repeater?


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For the TYT TH-9800, (I assume for similar models such as the TH-7800) does anyone have ideas on adding any sort of beep or tone with the crossband repeater mode so that I know when I'm reaching / out of range? Although I understand just because I hear a tone doesn't necessarily indicate how well I'm being heard or hearing the other peer(s). I couldn't find a roger beep. And the PTT ID or Ani doesn't seem to work during the crossband repeater mode.


By the way, there's some features within Chirp and the stock software for the TYT TH-9800 that I couldn't find in the operators manual to understand what it is / does. Such as;


Auto Transfer

Auto Contact Always Remind

Left Squelch

Right Squelch

Right Function Key

Span Transit Exit Delay


In the P1 functions, (I know those are the programmable keys),

I don't don't understand what;









I kind of get the Right / Left Squelch and SQL.OFF, but, each band has actual squelch knobs on the radio unit, so, confused me why there's squelch settings in the software.

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