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Possible defective Baofeng?


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I want to apologize to the team for the recent thread flood, by the way.


As far as I know, the handhelds such as UV-5R and UV-82 series has the FM Radio and Monitor / Flashlight enabled by default. A recent UV-82HP I ordered has the FM enabled, but, the Monitor / Flashlight is not working. I see no feature mention in the Chirp, stock software or radio menu about this issue. I have contacted Baofeng regarding the issue (as well as a couple other issues because the radio seems to be a return) but, I wanted to get anyone's opinions here in case I'm missing something or is it just defective?


PS, sorry if this should be in Technical.


Edit: I found the problem. The Monitor / Flashlight button is kind of bent off of the board and needs a new soldering. I hate dealing with exchanges, so, I'll take care of that. I just thought I'd check, reminds me of a programming cable that I ordered. One of the pins on the USB part was not soldered at all. I also cut one of those plastic clips for bread bags to fit underneath for better support. It seems that when pressing the rubber button on the outside, it puts strain on the inner button contacts on the board. And I don't press hard, it was like that out of the box.

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