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Grounding question



If there is continuity between the mast and negative of the coaxial / antenna fitting, can I connect a short, say, about three feet of grounding wire at the lower portion of the mast to the grounding rod that is next to it? That would prevent me from paying for about forty feet of wire to connect the antenna to the grounding rod directly which would start to get pricey.


PS; I currently have the negative of one of my radios connected to the grounding rod. Is that necessary? I just figured, "why not?"

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Oh, okay. A few sources in the past mentioned that ideally, the ground wire would be connected directly to the antenna / coaxial negative, and, straight down to the ground rod that in grounded next to the mast. I have seen a few mention to connect the ground wire from the mast to the rod, though. That's just too much to run down and money.


So, I have an eight feet rod with about six inches exposed to allow room for the wires and clips. Ground wire from the rod to the negative of the radio. And, I will connect another wire from the mast to the rod that's next to it? Is it okay to solder copper wire to a galvanized mast or to use, say, a hose clamp?

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Solder may not be best because there are two dis-similar metals involved and galvanic corrosion and weakening of the solder may take place compromising the junction. All you need is a bit of acid in the soil or acid rain to start that corrosion process.


Ref:  http://www.corrosion-doctors.org/Forms-galvanic/galvanic-corrosion.htm


Use a minimum of 4 gauge copper wire from the mast or tower base to the ground rod using the type of clamps pictured in these next links.  INSPECT those clamps and ground wire once per year and replace components as required due to ANY corrosion.  Many masts or tower bases have a factory ground attachment location.  If your mast or tower does not have a factory supplied area for grounding, make sure that you use 100 grit sandpaper to clean the area as well as the ground rod itself where the claps go.  4 gauge or larger ground wire is available at most Home Depot's in Department 27 (electrical) for roughly a dollar per foot. Please do not use spiral radiator style clamps! There is not sufficient contact area or compression torque to secure ground wires.


Grounding Clamps:  http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/261571274156-0-1/s-l1000.jpg







Good luck with the project.

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