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Low audio input ideas?


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Sorry if this should be in the Technical area.


There is a local repeater that usually everyone says I'm heard very low. Very clear, but, low. It's only that repeater, it seems. Every radio check on other local repeaters say I'm heard loud and clear. I even make sure there is no background noise such as air conditioning. I hold the mic no further than three inches from my mouth and not angled. I haven't tried any of my handhelds, but, the only mobile unit (hooked up as a base), sounds low.

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At the moment, It's set to FM. Not NFM, but, not WFM.

Actually, I just noticed my entire memory bank is set to FM.


Edit: I just changed it to WFM. I know that the repeater is WFM, but, all the local repeaters I use are listed as WFM, and, considering It's just that one repeater I sound low to everyone, I figured leaving the bandwidth where it was. Should I keep the WFM changes or change back to FM? I can't get radio checks at the moment.


Edit: That gives me another question. What should I changed all frequencies to? I suppose FRS should be NFM for receive (I found an article that mentioned receiving a different bandwidth than set could sound low) GMRS, MURS, and public? Because everything is FM. I know the difference, but, I didn't take it that there would be a big difference, so, I left it be. One repeater didn't show any difference than how I found with FM after changing to WFM.


PS; No uncertified equipment, G. I know the rues.

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