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Small start-up looking to grow with open-minded individuals who would like to see this get bigger in the state of NC. Currently 1 repeater is active with this group and is connected to the GMRS Outlaws group.

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  2. Hello I am having issue in setting up my radio. Is there anyone willing to help?
  3. I have the Wouxun KG-UV9GX and KG-UV9G Pro with Nagoya NA-771G antennas.
  4. I have a Wouxun 935G plus. I owned a couple buy one get one GMRS radios from Amazon and they worked. I learned from using them. But I wanted more and something that was known for being a good product. Done a lot of reviewing and research, then landed on my radio. I love it. It works very well for an HT.
  5. that is a nice handy talky. have you been able to talk on any repeater locally to you?
  6. Congratulations on getting your gmrs license. There are several groups in nc you should be able to connect to. I would Look up on zello USGMRS-NC. this is connected to the ORN gmrs group which is also connected to the Pilot Mountain 700 repeater system. Hope to hear you on the air.
  7. New to GMRS just received my license. WRWL528 . I have a Wouxun 905G
  8. I am new to GMRS. I have a Radioddity GM-30 handheld.
  9. list repeaters in this thread, Freq, location and repeater owner. DO NOT include pl tone. If repeater is listed with mygmrs.com, copy listing and include with posting so those for the area are able to go direct and request usage.
  10. What radios is everyone using? Do you have a preferred radio and why?

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