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  1. Thats weird, I think its while Im moving... Dont tell me it has to do with the antenna flopping around or something...
  2. Hello everyone, I just installed a KG-XS20g with a Wouxun ANO-050G Mobile GMRS Antenna in my truck. I get good signal report when transmitting to the local repeater but, when I am recieving a signal however, it sounds choppy. I did have to solder in the connector for that antenna so I am, I guess, concerned I may not have done a good job on that. Is there any other possiblities before I redo that connector?
  3. This is the one I am going to use. Its only 3 ft long I doubt anyone will notice it if i put it on the back of my house. I have also read of people putting this in their attic as well but, Im very new to the GMRS world so I may be completely wrong. https://edsantennas.weebly.com/
  4. Whoa, love your YouTube channel man. It is actually what got me interested in this in the first place. From everyones responses I gather that I maybe in a poor location to use a HT. I am about 16-18 miles from the repeater with plenty of obstructions from ground level outside. I purchased an Ed Fong GMRS antenna and will build a base station as fast as my budget allows. Hopefully that will get me a clearer signal from my roof. Thanks everyone for your responses, Im excited to learn more from everyone here.
  5. I got my first GMRS radio today, a Wouxun KG-Q10G, and i was able to hit our local repeater however, Everyone told me my transmission was so statically they could barely hear me or not at all. Would replacing the antenna be an option to make that better? Or anything else I can do make that better? Thanks for the help!!
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