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  1. That be awesome to have chirp on mygmrs
  2. Thank you i ordered that and it should be here today thanks again
  3. Thanks its a solid radio waiting on the cable i ordered and software
  4. Does anyone have any advice on the Icom F2000. Just got one for $75.00 on eBay. Can it be programed using Chirp? Is it a good radio for Gmrs.. It is Uhf 450-512 Thanks in advance
  5. What website are you taking your tech license online?
  6. Sorry no one is giving you a radio check, I surely would give you one as i have done in the past when i hear someone call for one . How else would you know if anyone can hear you and if your radion is programed to the right pl tones for your local repeater. Welcome to the GMRS world .
  7. I have the Midland Mxt115 and it works great i can hit my local repeater from 35 miles away and sound good . also make sure get get a good nmo antenna
  8. I have three of them and they are great radios can hit a repeater thats a few miles away from inside my house
  9. I have 3 of the Wouxun KG-805G radios and they are a great little radio . Real sturdy. Nothing like the cheap radios you get on Amazon or Ebay . Easy to program. And I can hit a repeater from 30 miles away at 5 watts that's pretty good. Well worth $90 each
  10. I will be hitting a repeater and some base and handhelds . Thank you all for the input
  11. What is a good GMRS antenna to your for my vehicle
  12. ok im new to the game how do you set the swr on a gmrs antenna? i have a ut-72 mag mount
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