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  1. On 5/27/2021 at 7:28 AM, mbrun said:

    All electronics will handle extreme heat for some period of time, but heat is the enemy of electronics. How long is a complete unknown for every product. A radio sitting idle or in receive only mode will not generate as much heat as radio will when transmitting. When the radio is put into a closed compartment it will raise the ambient temperature around it constantly causing the radio to get even hotter when operating. Again how long it will last is a completely unknown and a complete guess.

    You may find that radio will last as long as you care to own it under your conditions.

    Ask yourself if there is a way to force some air through the console with something like a muffin fan when you get to the point you are transmitting on the radio a lot.


    Didn't want to start a new thread so did the search and found this one. 

    My remote mount TK-8180 has been shutting down after steady use on the trail. My timeout is set to 30s but often don't give it a lot of rest between TX bursts when on the trail.  What I get is power off, blank screen, but a constant click-click from the speaker.   It has never done this from idle.  After pulling power from the unit and an hour or so of down time, it fires up and operates normally.  Dawned on me that the placement under the passenger seat of my Cherokee XJ might have been a poor choice, now realizing that's the path of the exhaust and that I have the heater going full blast at times while hunting, and with folks in the back seat.

    I looked through the service manual and it states operating temp to 140* F.  What I was looking for is whether there's a High Temp Shutdown or fail-safe on these radios. Did not find that.  Regardless of whether it gets that hot under there and rather than shotgunning replacement components, I thought a good first step would be to move the equipment.  Prolonged radio life would be a big bonus as well.


  2. On 10/8/2021 at 3:26 PM, MichaelLAX said:

    And why do people keep buying these radios?!?

    How can I make my Anytone AT-779UV show "yyyyyyy" 🤣

    Because generally speaking they work quite well.  I have 4 or 5 between the 880 and 8180 and have had an issue with only one.   Well, not counting the one I fried after tearing the antenna off my SxS. 🤣

  3. 2 of my 3 8180 programmed fine but the 3rd will not.  It shows "Searching" on power up, gives me the check connection/com port message when I try to Write to it.  Somewhere here it's been mentioned that these (ebay) might be password protected so I'm wondering if someone might provide the methodology to 'unlock' this radio.  It's such a nice clean unit I hate to leave it on the shelf.

    I'll keep searching.


  4. On 8/21/2020 at 7:51 PM, RickMT said:

    Just want to give a thumbs up to the radio and to the seller. I bought an Icom F221 for GMRS from Used-Radios.com about ten days ago. I bought the F221 because I have had the VHF version F121 for over ten years and it's built like a tank. No surprise, the F221 is also a solid rig. Easy to program if you have the cable and software. The radio is pretty tightly enclosed to I think it should stand up to a dusty environment, i.e., SxS's and open vehicles. My F121 lives in my Jeep and works great. This F221 is temp-mounted in my pickup and looking for a home, either in the Jeep or go-box... 


    Anyway, the people at Used-radios.com were good to buy from. The radio arrived with a brand new factory bracket still in the plastic sleeve with the OEM sticker listing the radios it mates with. Unfortunately the F221 wasn't one of them. I emailed Used-radios and they replied right away and sent the correct bracket immediately. It arrived today and all is well. Good company and good (really good) prices for commercial radios. These are used but come with a 90-day warranty. Fleet trade-ins, etc. You could hardly tell this one was used. Very satisfied.


    That's it from here. 73.





    Hey SW Montana Rick!  Curious where, I get up there for a couple months every summer.

    Please provide the software and cable part number.  Pretty sure I can find it on my own online with that.  Just now looking at these radios since Kenwoods are pretty much gone (I have my share) and thought I'd try something new to me.


  5. I've programmed several 8180 and 880 Kenwoods using the correct cable and software, 89D and 49D respectively.  I'm used to plugging into my known good 8180, Read it, then Write to the new radio.  I got out of sequence today with a new-to-me 8180 from an Ebay source (inn the past I've dealt only with used-radios.com).  Powers up fine but show "Searching"....  Finally pushed enough buttons to settle it down with labels from the previous owner but of course I have no idea what setting are.

    So I attempted to Read several 880s and 8180s (2 each off the shelf) and the one in my XJ, which is known good and fully functional (they should all be good).  The software will not Read that radio either.

    1.  Plug into mic port

    2. Plug into laptop

    3. Open Device Mgr, move the cable port from Serial to Com Port 5 (highlighted), OK

    4. Open KPG-89d, Setup - Com Port 5 selected.

    5. Read from radio.  "Check all connections and Com Port"

    I managed to get it to Read from one radio off my shelf using a Motorola power supply.  Subsequent attempts to Read from that radio resulted in "Check Connections..." 

    Please tell me I'm doing something wrong and simple.  Like maybe my sequence is off?

    I've gone back to Ebay to find a new 46 cable from BlueMax but he doesn't have them listed.

    Spent 2 days installing the 8180 into my new Jeep and run into this, dang it.. that's how I roll.


  6. 36 minutes ago, Drumbic said:

    Is it ridged enough the plate isnt going to smack your rear glass?

    Oh yeah.  The bumper/taillight tower is pretty stout steel and the distance from the window is a few inches.  I can shake the jeep with the tower.  3/16" thick x 8 x 8" aluminum plate for the ground plane base.  I dunno what the 'modern' 3rd light towers are made of.  This bumper is Currie, which isn't even made anymore so probably '08 vintage or so. Tested for the rear wiper and it clears by 1/2" or more.  And the antenna is low enough it won't catch branches unless I hit the roll cage, or very close and 8"sq. is plenty of ground plane for 1/4 wave antenna, which allows me to keep it short instead of the 1/2 or 5/8 wave 'no ground plane' whips.  Been there done that with the same setup on my SxS kayak rack; cost me a radio keying the mic with no antenna.

    FWIW fiberglass has no affect on RF.  I'll check reception with a pal in front and again behind.  Some nay-sayers out there in 4x4 land about GMRS (ham fans - and yes, ham is better at a lot of things) but for our trail usage they're great.  And we have access to 2 repeaters nearby, one of which I hit from 50 miles with a 30w 8180.  Considering putting one up on an existing tower on the edge of a nearby wilderness area we frequent off-road.

    See my post about recovering a stranded hunter, only because he had his HT GMRS on scan and heard us going by.



    Black Rubi.jpg

  7. Picked up a new to me 2006 TJ Unlimited recently.  It has a Rock Hard aftermarket rollcage so lots of space for radio mounting (Kenwood 8180).  After yanking the CB I pulled the CB antenna cable back to find where it went - I'll keep that in place for a snake.  The Currie bumper on the back has the high mounted 3rd brake light (steel) and a hole where the CB antenna was.  I'm going to take an 8" x 8" x 3/16 aluminum plate, mount it to the top of the light bracket and run the cable along with the brake light wiring.  Good ground plane, not totally exposed to overhang and enough above the fiberglass roof (when it's on there) for decent propagation 1/4 wave, 6" antenna.  Yup, I ran the formula for proximity to RF.. no problem

    Yup, I'll post photos as it progresses.  For now, I tore out the high-tech, but dated stereo (NAV, BU Cam, DVD, CD, amps, 2 subs and box in the cargo area and will replace with a decent Bluetooth/USB stereo while keeping the quality speakers that came with the conglomeration.  It was a nice install but it's a Jeep and I'm busy on the trail, know where I'm going and have phone/tablet apps for all the other junk, and I rarely listen to music at my ripe old age anyway.

    My son-in-law, the stereo guru will put some or all of this in his 90-something boat for family outings.  Win-win.


  8. Great tool.  Entered conservative (worst case) parameters.

    1. Full radio power (30w) w/o cable loss.  MSD drops considerably if I go to 20w for cable loss.

    2. Transmit for a full minute is rare. 

    3. Antenna gain is what they said is normal for quarter wave vertical. (1.5)

    4. Included Ground Reflections since the hood of a Jeep is considerably larger than the minimum requirement for a ground plane antenna and will be completely reflective.

    Looks like minimum safe distance is 1' to 2.5' depending on whether Controlled Environment.  That's good, no danger while cruising and I certainly wouldn't let a bunch of folks have lunch over the hood while chatting on the radio. So I'll be quite comfortable transmitting from the driver's seat.  

    Unless someone comes up with a mounting position that'll work as well, full ground plane is hard to beat.  And we do get significant distances apart on the trail as well as varied terrain and elevations.

    Now I'm wondering if underhood heat will effect the coax?  

    Thanks BoxCar!

  9. On 3/10/2021 at 10:29 PM, kfblackz28 said:

    2006 TJ Rubicon with Midland MXT400 and 6db antenna. Radio mounted on center plate of the RockHard roll cage and antenna mounted on swing out tire carrier.

    Cobra 75 WXST w/ FireStick. I took off the CB antenna at least for the time being.

    Picking up my '06 Rubicon Unlimited (LJ) and pondering the antenna mount.  I too have the Rock Hard cage so the radio mount is a no-brainer.  In fact the previous owner has a CB mounted there now. 

    I'm wondering if spare tire antenna mount will be as efficient as a ground plane antenna?  Are you using a no GP?

    Reason I'm back on this thread is I'm planning to put a GenRight full hood vent on the LJ.  I'm getting a spare TJ/LJ hood to monkey with so the original can be replaced if needed.  Not wanting to cut up a rig with 29,000 miles on it.  So... with the steel hood vent I can mount a 1/4 wave 6" antenna in the center of the modified hood and have a great ground plane.  Question:  is RF of any concern with only 4 or 5 feet and a windshield between the antenna and occupants?  

    The look?  Who cares if it works.  Black antenna on a black hood and a total of 7" extruding.

    I'll read on.. haven't been on here in awhile, like since July.


    Black Unlimited.jpg

  10. I for one have always had in the back of my mind an emergency situation where a GMRS radio would save the day.  But, as we all know, traffic is slim and folks monitoring for emergency calls is minimal.

    So, my Offroad club does volunteer/pro-Bono vehicle recoveries.  Got contacted by a guy who was stuck at 8500' but lucky enough to have cell phone coverage due to the proximity of a large but remote mine, end of the road, 50+ miles off pavement.  We got him recovered after a 2 hour drive to get to him 5 miles off the main dirt road.  But that's not the story.

    The story is: while in route to recover #1 we're chatting on Ch. 16 truck to truck (my Kenwood 8180 and 2 of my 905G I hand out to my compatriots).  We're many miles from anywhere gabbing away on the trip when I hear an unfamiliar voice.  I ask who it is, he says his name and tells me they've slid a Toyota Sequoia off the road and need help.  I asked how he got us and he said he put his Baofeng HT on scan and heard us chatting.  Told him we'd get him on the way out from #1.  This Toyota was at the top of the Ruby Mountains, Harrison Pass at close to 10k feet elevation, 30 miles of dirt then 6.5mi in,  4wd/Low Range for 6.5mi.  They'd walked out 8 miles from their rig to their camp (muzzle loader deer hunt).

    Without giving you all the details of the recovery (didn't get it done last night with 3 capable Jeeps with winches and recovery gear in darkness; he's since hired a pro and they're in route as I write).  Anyway, just a little story on how screwed these guys would have been and how lucky they are to have had a radio and someone in range.  I suggested they hit the slots; even tho' their luck was bad getting stuck, they got good luck just getting out of there.  No telling how long they'd been there with no comms.  They spent the night in a local motel since the Toy is there only rig.

  11. On 7/2/2021 at 9:14 PM, wayoverthere said:

    I think this was the thread that was discussing this issue, and I want to say it came down to a firmware fix.



    Yup, and the fix for the problems I had is in here (from that thread).  That is no guarantee it will help with the OP's issue.

    "It just so happens that I have a copy of RT76P.exe version 1.45, which does allow you to modify W/N.

    (I actually broke my Retevis programming cable, so I replaced it with a generic one from Amazon for $9.99 - no big issue.)"



  12. I have a few 8180s in the 30W  version and it worked fine for all.  axorlov is correct, the 'H' is high power and K1/K2 is the firmware edition probably. The manual for all the 7180/8180 series is the same and software is shared.  I've had no issues using 49D software on any of mine and once one is done I simply upload from that one then download configuration to a new one so they're identical.

    Run with it and don't sweat.

  13. 42 minutes ago, kb2ztx said:

    Again a GMRS 1/4 wave is not 7". Thats my point. Its 6". 7" will get you in the 40 =\- mhz range. for 460 mhz its 6". Ive worked on UHF public safety for decades and yet to see a 7" UHF 1/4 wave. 


    The Larsen AB450 that I linked is a 1/4 wave antenna with 6" whip.  OVERALL length mounted on the roof is measured 7", which I gave him due to his concern for overhead clearance on a lifted vehicle.


  14. You might be surprised how well the 1/4 works with repeaters. But then the repeaters I use are at 6-7000' elevation. For you to get that in Texas you'd have to go to New Mexico..lol.

    Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk


  15. Apparently the 'fresh' batteries I put in the Kenwood alkaline pack were not.  New fresh and it seems fine but I wonder how well they'll hold up with the data you have.  The 3170 would simply revert back to the power on screen when I keyed the mic with the others.  Guess I gave up too early.

    Will try the Wouxun 805 again with new AA batteries and post results.

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