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  1. No error, it just wont read or write. I have programed this same radio before so it is not locked. I was able to program another radio with my setup. My cable is an FTDI.
  2. Howdy, I went to do a channel update on one of my Kenwood 8360HUK the other day, and one programmed with no issues, but the second one i cant read or write to. Has anyone ran into this issue, i did a search but came up empty here in the forum. 73 WRHV671 Shawn
  3. My Kenwood radios will talk and make contacts, but everyone says my mic gain is real low. is there a way to adjust microphone gain in the programming software. i have both the KPG-89D and the KPG-135 for my 8180H and 8360 Huk respectively. Second question is what do you set the narrow / wide column for GMRS?
  4. What is your SWR at 465 using this dual band antenna?
  5. You can program the MXT400 only
  6. I apologize for not being able to explain all of the intricacies in the proper technical terms, I am a newbie and am still trying to learn GMRS. I just thought after reading about all the pitfalls of the MXT 400, that the information would prove beneficial if anyone would want to try and correct the problems inherent from the factory on the Midland MXT-400.
  7. I found the information on the Facebook group. He is located on the Pasco County GMRS Radio Group. What I mean is the MXT-400 from the factory are at transmitting at 12.5khz, you can change them to a band within GMRS like 20khz. You can name each channel. Custom start message such as your call sign, Programming of split CTCSS/ DPL.
  8. I have read on another Forum where if you order the DBR1 cable directly from Midland, and then contact them and tell them you need a copy of the Programming software for ONLY the Midland MXT 400, that you can open the software up and make it split and open up the band for the repeater channels. His name is John Whitt. He talked to a man named Roger at Midland and he emailed a Zip file with the software, so maybe there is help for at least the Midland MXT-400.
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