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  1. In case anyone wants to know you can swap out the Internal Mic Cartridge for a Motorola 5080258E18 Internal Electret Microphone Cartridge. On the MXT400...Don't forget the drill the mic hole 1/16 of a inch...and put cotton balls in to tighten the sound. I got great feedback on my sound quality. Tip:unsolder from the board. I try d to upload the pictures but it says file too big.
  2. What i did is use a repeater channel as simplex...467.550 with a dcs code(DN023) for my setup...just make sure you don't key into a repeater using that code. I got tired of all the kids using their bubble packs interfering...I needed more frequencies...i added all repeater channels as simplex in my Wouxun KG-1000g and my Wouxun KG-805G. If you don't add a ctcss or dcs you will hear someone keying into some repeater...Now the bubble packs can't hear me or transmit ever...LOL
  3. That is something my Hotel needs. I'll look into it. Thank for the Post
  4. I love this radio it out performs my MXT400. Wouxun KG-100G is a winner!!! I like that you can scan the CTCSS and DCS only when someone transmitting. The only downside is on VFO mode i can only input frequency range 400.000-479.995MHz. I thought it would go up to 499.999MHz.The MXT400 range is 400-489.995MHz. I need the 483.000MHz range.
  5. Retevis was pushing me to buy 100 of these radios. They said in a few months they will go mass productions. Now they are selling them. RT10 900MHz ISM band frequency digital radio $69.99 each. They sent me some cabs files to program them. https://www.retevis.com/RT10-900MHz-ISM-band-frequency-digital-radio#A9212AX1
  6. Has anyone bought a Retevis 900MHz two way? Update from Retevis: Hello RT10 900MHz radio only is used for three countries, America, Mexico, and Canada Attached the detail specs for reference, could you tell me how many pcs you need and where you will use? ------------------ Thanks and Regards, Lewis (Customer Manager) 900MHz.docx
  7. Retevis RT76p, now you can get the firmware from the website. I emailed them and got a response from “Lucy” the download was not working. From the keypad you can now change the tones. I didn’t check the weather stations; I currently use that button for the scan. You still can’t change the bandwidth and power level from the keypad. I used the software for that and customize my unit. It works like a champ. I’m very happy now. Especially the price.
  8. In the early days i made a power supply for my Midland MXT400, Using a computer power supply it did the job but i notice the voltage was dropping (from 12v to 11.50v around there) when i transmit at 40w. I didn't notice any performance issues just in my head..lol Run your unit at low power then program it...This is the cheapest way building a power supply from old computers etc, note in the picture i used a couple of chokes. P.S. I bought a real power supply after that...
  9. If you look hard enough you will find what you are looking for. I'm not saying you can find it on pirate bay uploaded by Uled Robert15987 anything like that.
  10. Another brand to look into if price is a factor is Retevis. RA25 20W GMRS Mobile Radio, make it your base. Retevis RT76P, Handheld
  11. Update: Roger from Midland reached out to me. I got it resolved it was a setting that was on its the talkaround "TALK" it needed to be off. Now my r16 and r20 channels are working like a champ. Its now showing the 467.xxx on my SWR meter. Midland has GREAT tech Support. If that was not the problem he was going to give me some software to program it. :)
  12. I added the pictures to my post, channel r15 and r16 repeater you can see the frequency when i transmit on the SWR meter.
  13. I have a Midland MXTA26 Antenna and Midland MXTX12 Mag Mount i bought from Amazon. I have a Midland MXT400. I have other issues with 2 repeater channels rp16 and rp20. So i bought a SWR meter (Gam3Gear Surecom SW-102S). I have a perfect swr 1.0:1 ratio all across the board. The issue with the repeater channels is its showing (rp16) 462.575 not 467.575 same with channel rp20. All other repeater channels showing 467.xxx I'm reaching out to Midland.
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