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  1. Thanks Guys. I like those suggestions. I’ll work on that format this weekend.
  2. pdccd

    New License

    Thanks for the reply. I’m in and over my head:-)
  3. I know this is an old post but much thanks to you WRAA720. Very helpful.
  4. Thanks Linus. I tried to request a signal report today from them after listening for a couple of hours and just after a couple people cleared and monitored, but no response. Later in the day I tried the same for the Tiger Mountain Repeater (OlyComm#3) and received multiple checks around the region by a number of nice folks. Am I too old to say how exciting that was? Anyway, it seemed like I did better on Tiger Mountain? Of course there could be a number of reasons for that result. Regardless thank you kindly for the suggestion. That was definately information I didn't know (repeater age). The maps showing where the repeaters are on myGMRS don't seem very accurate either so it's hard to tell coverage. Not to mention prior to my Signal Report Request if my radio was even getting out.
  5. Thanks Guys. So It sounds like the derived convention is list the frequencies multiple times with the individual necessary instance based on PL tones?. ie.: 462.62500/467.62500 001hz- Seatac Association 462.62500/467.62500 002/003hz OlyCom #1 Maybe in the notes for reference the general location 462.62500/467.62500 007hz -Seattle #3 462.62500/467.62500 009hz/010hz- Seattle #1 462.62500/467.62500 020/030hz-OlyCom #3 Tiger Mountain Something along those lines? Mike, is there any way you'd be willing to share your spreadsheet format? I'm having a hard time visualizing it. I feel like I've caught a disease. Why is this so much fun? lol.
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm new to GMRS repeaters and civilian comms in general so i'm hoping for some sage advice from others here. I freely acknowledge that it's likely some gap in my understanding of GMRS repeaters that's brought this up. As I've recently gotten my ZA license, i've applied for permission for access to multiple repeaters that exist in my geography (Puget Sound, Wa). As part of my families emergency plan, i'd like to organize a way for my Wife and I to stay in contact for brief sitreps at predetermined times when cell comms are down. I'll eventually determine key times to "check in" until we can find each other. Anyway, i'm noticing that there's repeaters called OLYCOM (1,2,3) run by the Radio of Hope network and repeaters called Seattle #1, #2 etc. And finally another SeaTac Repeater Association. The thing i'm not wrapping my head around is that several of these are running on the same Receive and Transmit frequencies and using travel tone (removed for security), or no tone. Now some of the repeaters in this area are running different tones on the same freq's also for various purposes it appears. Anyway, since i'm a fan of redundant systems, I plan to create a list of repeaters in my area (Using RTSystems for my radio) that I can get access to for my family. One key issue is this all has to be relatively intuitive for my Wife as the technical aspect of this project is challenging for her. So, my question, how do you folks organize all this? I also hope to use these radios for travel, but it seems trying to organize all this is going to get messy. Am I overthinking it, or misunderstanding how this is supposed to work? Or have I just wandered in over my head lol? Basically i've got 4 or 5 individual repeaters all operating on 462.625/467.625 with (Tones of removed for security), or open. Then there's the others on other gmrs repeater freq's. For example i'm listening to the same conversation on SEATAC ASSOCIATION (462.62500/467.62500 (removed) and Seattle #4 (462.62500/467.62500 open) at the same time on my dual band radio. I think i understand how/why, but i'm not sure how else to organize the different tones required by the different repeaters other than saving them individually on our radios. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. If i'm not clear don't hesitate to ask for clarification, and thanks for any time you can share. Pete WRJI737
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