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  1. Is this still in the works? I’d be interested. iPad Pro 10.5” iOS 14.3
  2. Thanks. Maybe that will be my next project. Working much better with the 6db antenna though.
  3. Drove closer to a repeater this morning and did hit it and spoke with a gentleman about 12 miles out. Now I know it works. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Thanks for the response, much appreciated
  5. Another question...I have my GMRS antenna mounted on my roof rack on my Jeep JL. The roof of the Jeep is fiberglass. The roof rack crossbars are aluminum. I have the antenna mounted to the crossbar on an approximately 8" long 3" wide 1/4" thick piece of steel. Should I run a ground wire from the steel mount to the frame of the Jeep? I know with CBs this helps but not sure about GMRS. Thanks
  6. I’ll give that a shot. Im thinking the closest ones listed are over 20 miles away. What is kerchunking?
  7. How far away are the repeaters you are hitting?
  8. Ill get a chance over the weekend to get closer to the repeater and give it a shot. Once a few of my friends switch to gmrs I’ll probably be able to test distance better. CB is easy since they are all over the place.
  9. Can’t seem to hit a repeater. I have midlands ghost antenna at the moment. I can hear people on some but can’t respond back. Ordered the midland 6db antenna to see if that helps. The cable is very long. I don’t have it coiled but I do have it in about 2’ lengths in 2 spots.
  10. First had to press the CTCSS button to show code then press and hold for a second then it will start scrolling.
  11. How long do you have to hold it? Doesn’t seem to be doing it on mine.
  12. Thanks, I will give it a try
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