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  1. Many HAM's have GMRS too, Thats the sad part you need two radios to be GMRS legal, Though many China radios gladly work on HAM 70 cm and GMRS, Most of them don't put out enough power to be illegal. My Anytone, says 25w, but in reality on UHF its about 10w. Same for the other TYT, Bajoie, Leixen, 15W at the most. QYT makes one thats 75W, UHF, and B-Tech sells it as a GMRS legal radio, I'm sure they detuned it. Mean while the QYT 890Plus says 50w UHF. Where imo if a person is licensed for both, you obviously will be versed in how to setup your radio to be in spec for GMRS.... That said I often wondered WTF would the FCC chase down a lowly Jeeper etc using GMRS at 10w or so, when there is the stations on the CB that you know are bushing 1000w or more. Literally talk ground plane for hundreds of miles. They would be easy to chase down. One thing I will say if you interfere with HAM 2m/70cm they live to get out a directional yagi and go looking for you....
  2. Made my own up, areas we have tested, there is a few ridges to the South east as far as 35 miles away can hit my repeater from. Surprises my jeep buddies they are 40 miles away and hear me answer them... At least the ones with better Midlands, I keep telling them forget Midland, even when I used CB's still I never liked Midland. https://mygmrs.com/repeater/4252
  3. Mrs just left work, You can see my issues with terrain and line of sight. Antenna is on a 50' pole, so at about 480' elevation, but just mile to the south is HorseShoe Mtn, 500 to 550', I need that antenna up another 50' minimum to reach the city. We've learned where we can get a good signal. Mrs was able to reach the Repeater from down there at work for a bit then the shadow of the ridge got her. Not bad for the TK-880 I just installed in her Jeep. Get on a ridge it does reach 40 or 50 miles to South, East, West. North is the Ozarks and everything gets higher from here.
  4. THe software link Blue on ebay sent me was the export version of the software I think.. Not a bid deal, since mines stuck to using one channel. Son wants to use it as it is, programmed to the repeater. Other option just save it for a second repeater build later if I can find a location for it down around town. Not had much luck on that yet.
  5. wrjc901


    I ordered two cables from him, and I got the software. Thanks.
  6. WEll got a data cable, software, reprogrammed a few channels into it, and still nothing. So its programmed for the Repeater. Maybe later if I build a new repeater it will become the 50w xmitter for it. On the plus side, I have stuff to program the things so don't have to be as scared of them.. It does not like programming Wide Band, says that is illegal, when its not. Crazy Motorola...
  7. wrjc901


    Whoop... Success. Data cable came in today. Using Linux, and Dosbox, usb cable I got the TK-880 programmed. For whatever reason Wine ran the windows software a couple times then crapped out and error crashes... Even working with my repeater. KPG-49D_v6.30 (DOS) gripped about the age of the radio firmware a bit. Couldn't program a home channel, kinda disappointing, Its going in the wifes Jeep. Wanted that, Still have to figure out how if possible to save a couple channels to the A/B buttons. No reason for groups, so that is now the channel up/down. 25w radio putting out 18w on high, and 4w on low. Now to find Vertex software...
  8. wrjc901


    Well it has to be a data cable issue. Off to fleabay and order, one, actually I need two, One for the TK880, and another for the Vertex 2200 Get all these radios working, may sell a couple. Hadn't decided yet that far ahead..
  9. wrjc901


    same case, same buttons, same size, just the Lexien has smaller heat sink, and Lexien uses Kenwood mic pinout.
  10. wrjc901


    can't use it without a serial...
  11. wrjc901


    Linux is more advanced than ion that regards, and Dosbox has the emulation of a RS232 in the system, so just add config to the port. I can't verify the chinese clone of the TK780/880 doesn't have data lines reversed etc. So just get a correct cable. Not like its much money. Once feature turned on, panel programming, snip a resistor it can all be done from the front anyway.. Thanks, sad part is very few computers in the last decade even have a real serial port anymore.
  12. wrjc901


    I found it, its dos based, what I was trying, it doesn't like the data cable I got I think, Kenwood mics work on the Lexien 898, so not sure whats up with the data cable/software not liking it. Unless the software looks for/id's the cable which it can't do via dosbox I don't think...
  13. Do not underestimate UHF and 8 watts. 70cm Ham repeater I have hit 80 miles away, its on top of a mountain in Little rock. I use regularly with my HT from house at 40 miles. I've compared 10w, GMRs and 50w, other than a bit more modulation carrying over the ridges to the repeater, not much difference. If you find a location on a hill, can have two antennas on the same mast 30' apart vertically and build a repeater system from cheap commercial radios without the need for a duplexer, and be surprised how far your 50w will go. I've heard guys in the Oauchita Mountains on cheap midlands 50 miles away.
  14. When needed one of our HAM club members has a repeater in his plane, talk about range, having a 20k foot repeater tower. Talk to other states.....
  15. wrjc901


    I'd sworn these could be programmed with Chirp... Well NOPE. The Lexien 898 was a clone of the TK780/880 so I had a programming cable. Hoped it would work, well I run Linux, so with Dosbox, and the dos software, Hoped I'd luck out, no dice. Once set and a resister removed can be programmed from the front. Guess I'll be ordering the proper cable and maybe if I can find it without breaking, the bank, purchase the software.... Destined to be GMRS radios... TK880-1 UHF 25w.
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