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  1. Hi Joe, he was on the Southwest Community Radio System in Clovis NM. Apparently, our local repeater has joined their repeater network.
  2. Well, I must be doing something right, I just spoke with a guy 465 miles from my house.
  3. Just right from you and wayoverthere and thank you. It took me quite a while to figure out all the details, but I finally got access to the information. I hope I've programmed it correctly into my radio. I'm hearing conversations here, but I am not sure whether they are on the repeater or local. The instructions I got from a YouTube video told me how to program in a CTCS code, but this repeater apparently uses DCS codes instead, and separate ones for transmit and receive.
  4. Front Range - Lookout Mtn. 675 https://mygmrs.com/repeater/2616
  5. New member here, just looked up my first repeaters. Now I have questions The one that seems nearest me says it is a type Members Only (Free). Does that mean members of this site, or is there something else I need to join? I learned how to program my radio on YouTube. He mentions putting in a Code without which you cannot access repeaters. I don't see that on the listings. There;s something called a Travel Tone, but even then, none is listed. I was able to listen in on a conversation. Are there repeaters that don't require a Code? Further information would be helpful. Thanks.
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