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  1. OP really-really-really needs to read this: https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/47/95.1763 and this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Mobile_Radio_Service#Frequency_assignments Being new to this and all...
  2. You're hearing FRS, very likely. And FRS can be used for business or anything. It's legal.
  3. Generally, true, GMRS s line of sight. But I can see there are some taller, steeper hills around your location. You may have path around instead of path over. You would need to experiment, as suggested already. Also, if both stations are fixed locations, simple corner reflector may help a lot, or other directional antenna.
  4. My first and current GMRS HTs are Kenwood TK-3170 and it's brother 3173. Out of four I had one died, other three are soldering on for 6 years, with who knows for how long before I bought them on ebay.
  5. Alcalines cannot sustain the high current needed for transmission at full power. Extended period of communication on AA cells - forget about it. They are only good for receiving/monitoring and for one (short) press off PTT.
  6. I did not know that DC-grounded antennas exist for UHF frequencies. I thought it's more of a feature of how matching is done on HF antennas. Anyway, the article and discussion is about hit from lightning. It's wrong to assume that lightning could possibly be "forced into shield" (quote from the article). If lightning tastes your cable it would not matter at all if the center conductor DC-grounded or not. However DC-ground antennas offer free and reliable relief from static buildup.
  7. Can't say anything about 890, but also noticed the scarcity of 880 and 8180 on ebay. Looks like police and fire across US all moved to P25 and the bug dump of old analog radios dried off.
  8. Very likely, mburn was referring to this one: https://shop.mygmrs.com/collections/repeaters-and-accessories/products/retevis-rt97-gmrs-repeater-5w Proper repeaters usually cost arm, both legs, and a firstborn. You can roll your own, and you may save money (but also, may not), however you'd need to invest in studying and experimenting. This one, in the link above, is much cheaper. But also you'd need consider limitations. For a campsite far from urban RF noise, with antenna up on the telescopic pole, it probably will do great.
  9. Browning BR-6140 is very short, does not require radials or ground plane, may reach repeater from the inside of the house.
  10. There are only eight high-power channels, seven 5W channels and seven 0.5W channels. Any half-decent radio can scan them all quickly. And from your mobile you can't legally use 467.xxx5 (because 0.5W), so why to worry about them. If there is an open repeater in vicinity, it's most likely will be on 462.675 with tone 141.3.
  11. Awesome man! Great airgun porn. The 1322 could be little hard to pump for a girl, no? I have blisters on both palms after 100 pellets from 1322.
  12. You may want to search this forum in regards of using LMR-400 with the repeater setup. Works fine for regular station, not very suitable for repeater.
  13. The build looks really good so far. I have few questions: 1. Is it 1322, 1377 1740 or 2240 in the second picture? What do you use it for? I use mine (1322 and 2240, both in pistol form) to shoot paper in my very long garage. 15m - olympic pistol range, yo! 2. What do you do with your 10/12m mobile? Working when stuck in traffic? When camping? SSB, CW, data? Honest question, I'm genuinely curious.
  14. I had a problem logging in yesterday, but figured out, it'll resolve. SW releases are bad, HW releases are worse, and HW+SW releases are hell. Thanks for looking after the forums, Rich.
  15. OMG, these videos are so great. And the rugged but handsome look... I'll be in my bunk.
  16. Yep, M4x8 means 4mm metric thread, 8mm max length You can find metric M4 in Lowes and such, but for wing-nuts and more interesting approaches Amazon may be better.
  17. TK-880H supposed to produce 40W, not 45. All three of 880Hs I own show 30W on the power meter I trust (Diamond SX600) into the 200W dummy load.
  18. I don't. When I'm alone it's FT-1XD, when with family it's TK-3170. But there are dual band Part 90 HTs, for example Alinco DJ-MD5.
  19. Part 90/95 radios built in USA in the last 20 years? I'm not aware of any. If Ham gear is in question, Elecraft comes to mind.
  20. It's easy to remove yourself from this forum. Just go and delete every one of your posts.Replace content with space or . (period). No intervention from admin is needed, mission accomplished. To keep posting is counter-intuitive and does not serve the stated goal.
  21. There are good news too: the radio is small enough to nicely fit into normal-sized garbage bin with space left for other rubbish one might have laying around in the house.
  22. Aren't ICAO and NATO the same? Unless we argue semantics of ZOO-LUU vs ZOO-LOO? And that makes to me, who's English is not native, exactly ZI-RO sense.
  23. We actually discussed this here on this forum exactly a year ago, and I promised to find the wording. I still owe this to the community. One day (or night) when all booze is gone I'll do it. What I remember, is a specific prohibition or repeaters (with the word "repeater" explicitly used) for FRS, CB and MURS. But I also remember about store-and-forward not allowed either for 95E or for all of 95.
  24. Store and forward systems are prohibited. Simplex repeater could be interpreted as store-foward. With that said, I admit to using Argent Data simplex repeater for the stated purpose. It's too damn useful in the woods.
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