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  1. Over the years ive had to report repeaters after trying to contact the owner and getting a reply stating "Business use only. not for public use". Maybe if you have this voting system it could ask a question of did you try to contact the person for access and if so did you get a reply? And it would also be nice to have information on the listings page to see if the repeaters listing was updated within the year and if the callsign of the person listing it is valid instead of having to go to each repeater listed.
  2. I was wondering if they still make any off the shelf bubble pack radios that are repeater capable. My parents need new radios but my mom isnt tech savy enough to use a part 90 radio.
  3. Is it possible to "hide" the listings and let them reappear when the owner updates it? If possible send an email out asking everyone with a listing to update it to show if the repeater is still on the air. Sent from my LG-H918 using Tapatalk
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