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  1. Channels 31 and above are receive only. It's described that way on the Amazon page, and it's the same for my UV5G. Typically for these GMRS radios YOU JUST ENTER TONES ON THE PRE-PROGRAMMED CHANNELS (1-22 simplex, 23-30 repeater).
  2. What are you trying to do? Are you able to get into any repeaters? Orangeburg is about 35 miles from Columbia, so which one is your location? If you have a question, ask.
  3. I have a Baofeng K5+; don't know what the difference is. I know nothing about firmware updates for it, if any. But I would not trust firmware from any source other than the manufacturer.
  4. Some repeaters have a courtesy tone that you hear when you or the other person let go of the PTT button. The purpose of the courtesy tone is so you don't have to let the repeater drop every time before speaking.
  5. Talking through repeaters doesn't make you a control station. A control station controls operation. A repeater user is a control station only for his own radio(s) not the repeater. This is not in question at all; it is well established and clearly stated by FCC. A base station is not a fixed station, even though it is at a fixed location. Asking FCC to clarify/interpret the rules is pointless unless you have some special access to the guy in charge. It's amazing that so many members here can post so much stupid crap.
  6. Even though Amateur has 420-450 officially, the practical use part is 441-449. One good reason for HAMs to use GMRS is communicating with non-HAMs. I recommend the owner rename this forum to HAM-HATE-FORUM.
  7. It might help us help you if you explain what you're doing in detail. Adding or changing tones should be easy. What do you mean by a radio with all the keys? The Baofeng UV-5G has the number keys and the typical extra keys. Can you post a picture of the radio you have?
  8. Check the Part 95E regs -- base stations not allowed to use repeaters (as others here will say, you can likely get away with it).
  9. But that should have happened in the 2017 revamp. I don't see FCC doing it now.
  10. No. 000.500 is1/2MHz = 500KHz. You need 005.000 (5 before decimal) Yes, but look again at what he wrote.
  11. I almost bought one. I cancelled because there were no accessories for it. Secondary concern was company owner is on the liberal left side politically.
  12. I agree but I got over the anger years ago.
  13. Linking has similar issues on HAM too, except there we can usually switch to other repeaters. For HAM temporary, user-initiated linking is an alternative. I don't know if that is feasible with GMRS linking systems, but if so, would be better than permanent, full-time linking. Linking just at scheduled times is another option.
  14. I can only refer to how mine works, but AFAIK others should be the same. Ch. 40-500 are RX only; it's hard coded in the firmware - it's part of their approach to get GMRS certification. Of course, I'm referring to the default GMRS mode as shipped, not the possible unlocked mode which breaks certification. I can't follow some of what you're asking because you are not giving enough detail. And I don't know the intended use of the extra PL, PH, VFO channels (manual is useless).
  15. Channels above 39 are RX only. 31-38 (on mine) can only be programmed using the software; 39 can be programmed for simplex from the radio but need software to program a repeater transmit.
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