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Found 5 results

  1. I know it’s technically a ham radio, but am wondering if anyone has any experience with it.. is it better quality than the BF-H8/BF-9G? I have tried both of those and they seem to have some weird behaviors like being unable to tone scan.. and intermittently crappy reception that magically improves if you press the menu button. The intention would be to use it for GMRS primarily.. I can’t justify spending $150+ on an wouxon HT when I can get their compact 20w mobile product for like $190 (likely my next purchase) and prefer the more feature rich models.
  2. Hey Guys, I am part of a new group of guys that is forming in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma GMRS Club. you can find us here : http://okgmrs.club. We are looking into setting up a mesh of GMRS repeaters through out our state and linking into the MYGMRS Network. I was wondering What equipment y'all are using for your Repeaters, Antenna's, Coax, etc. And how you linked them up to the MYGMRS network, also interested in creating a HUB node for the GMRS network that all of our remote sites can connect to and effectively cover the entire area. Also any tips or tricks on Antenna Access would be highly advantageous, we don't have many mountains around us so it takes a few more repeaters to cover a decent base area.
  3. I am sure that this has been asked a hundred times before, but now it's my turn. I need communication in a 50 to 60 mile radius from my base. Terrain is piedmont/upstate area of South Carolina, so mainly flat with some hills and small towns. I think GMRS will do what I need, but I need suggestions on equipment, tower height, etc. Looking at a budget of around $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 with 4 or 5 mobile radios. Thanks for your help.
  4. I've read 'paging' is permitted on GMRS band. Is this 'paging' within transceivers, or is there are separate paging system transmitter and receivers? What are some examples of equipment that I could look for?
  5. Hi Everyone, I am very new to GMRS. I received my FCC license (want to be compliant) and purchased a Wouxun KG-UVDP1 mobile handheld unit. The range is OK for a handheld and quality seems good. I like the ability to program several channels as well as the manual mode to dial in frequencies. Unfortunately, I live in a rural area and the nearest repeater is approximately 30 miles away. I am in Florida so the terrain is rather flat, but the foliage is heavy. Obstructions are definitely an issue here and I know there is no way I can link up with that repeater from my home (not in a million years with my handset). I want to build a repeater station of my own. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it, but I would like it to work fairly well. I am fairly good with electronics/computers and have a very basic understanding of RF properties. I don't mind buying a part here and a part there, but would like something I can operate inside my house (I understand the antenna will be outside). I would like to utilize the full 50W allowance I have under my license in order to maximize broadcast range. Again, I am in a rural area. I know this will not help me if someone is not capable of transmitting back. I have been looking at the GR300, GM300 Radius in repeater configuration, and the M120 in repeater configuration. One concern I have is the availability of replacement parts and future proofing. Since these units are no longer sold I am worried about "future proofing". I understand things change, products enter and leave the market, but should something break I would like replacement parts to be available. Ultimately I am looking to those of you who are more experienced than I. Can you recommend a path to take with this and/or equipment to use. I know there have been recommendations in other topics on this forum, but none of those scenarios matched mine. Hoping to get some good information! Thanks in advance!
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