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pic trouble


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Guest spd641

Blame it on Pastor Gary,he placed a gremlin in the photo upload section and accidentally spilled water on them and you know not to  feed them after 10pm or get them wet...lol

All jokes aside if it continues let us know and we will see what we can do on our end...William

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Just an FYI - ONLY Rich D. can do any repairs or updates to the forum and it's secondary systems.  Since we do not have routine contact with Rich due to his work schedule, it may be best for anyone having tech issues to log in to the main MyGMRS website and use the "Contact" button to attempt to contact Rich yourself. This would be faster than staff members attempting to do this for anyone.  Thank You.

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Off topic



I have tried to get in touch with Rich D. both by regular snail mail and e-mail to ask permission to use one of his repeaters that is very close to my home - to no avail.


I have even tried by keying up on the repeater and asking if the station operator was on the air.   He seems like a very busy guy.




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I've replied to you via email a few weeks back. You're welcome to use the repeater, just use your call sign and be courteous. I'm not active right now in the hobby but I know some others are using the repeater here and there. I opened up access to it to try to take me out of the loop. The other owner is Paul WQBC441, who is on the station ID.

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You should be able to do it using the following code:



Example Output:





If you're browsing photos on the PhotoBucket site, you may see links on the right-hand side for sharing. Use the "IMG" option which will copy the code above to your clipboard so you can paste into forums that accept BBCode. Click below for a screenshot from their site:


Tilt Shit Photography photo by staffpicks.png

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Jerry - When you are in Photobucket 'library' and select a photo, as the individual photo comes up on the next screen, there is a menu on the right side of the screen that says "Links to Share the Photo" -  hover over the IMG line and hit the left mouse button once.  The line turns YELLOW with the word "Copied" when your computer has the link on the clipboard -


Then come here and paste that copied IMG line in a posting block.  I'm using a 'fuzzy' shot of my Schecter bass guitar bridge below as an example...



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