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Im going to piggyback onto this post. Im a new gmrs license owner as well. I receive repeaters very well but cant reach out. I received a midland mxt 100 as a gift and been learning as I go. Ive viewed the repeater input and output frequencies on mygmrs. The output freq. in the 462MHz are among my channel list of my manual but the input freq. of 467MHz are not. Thanks for an explanation or any help.

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Hello all just received my GMRS license the other day so Im pretty excited! Im having trouble setting up my radio, its a Midland MXT115. I found a chart on radio reference to tell me what channel the repeater is on but I dont know how to program my radio so that they hear me.





Hey and Welcome to GMRS, Your MTX115 should allow you to access a repeater! The steps can be found on page 23 of the user manual,https://midlandusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/MXT115-Owners-manual-Final-24Oct16.pdf


Ill walk you through step by step though :)


Press the menu button to open up the menu,

Use the channel up/down buttons to find the letters rP in the menu,

Press the monitor/scan button to open the rP menu

Select on and press the monitor/scan button to accept the input.

Clear out of the menu and scroll through the channels, you should find channels 1-7, 15-22, then 15-22 with the RP icon to the right of the channel number.


Now we need a repeater to go into. Well pretend your using mine, the process is the same for any repeater, you just need to plug the repeater info in where my repeater info is. Ill underline and bold my info so you know what needs changing :)


I want to use the 6750 repeater pair, Looking at page 26 of the manual we see the 6750 pair is Ch 20RP. Go through the channel list until 20RP is displayed on the screen.

Most repeaters use DCS or CTCSS/PL codes to control access to the system. You should know what codes you need to access the repeater you plan to use. Mine happens to be DCS205.

Press Menu to open the menu list and scroll to Pt. Press the monitor/scan button to open the PT menu.

Select CTCSS/PL (displays a little sideways S) Or DCS (looks like a block wave symbol) We need DCS for the example so thats what we select.

Press Monitor/Scan to accept your mode. Now you can scroll through the different codes in the particular mode.

Page 27 of the manual shows the list of codes and their corresponding display number on the radio. We need the DCS chart here.

We look at the code columns first until we find code 205. The number to the left of 205 is 30. We use the channel up/down buttons and scroll until 30 is displayed, then press monitor/scan to accept.


At this time, you can exit the menus and you should see the following info on your display:

The channel number you wish to use, The RP icon to the right of that number, and either a sideways S or a block wave symbol.

If all of those are showing, and you entered in the correct information, you should be able to access the desired repeater.


If after all this you find you cant get in, I have some troubleshooting tips:

Check all the info you have is correct, and has been properly entered into the radio. Note this radio does not support split codes.

Check that the antenna is properly connected. If using a mag mount antenna be sure it is attached to a metallic surface.

Check the power settings, if your 10 miles away, low power may not work.


If all else fails, try another repeater or changing your location. It could be that your information is out of date or you are just too far to reach the intended repeater.


Hope this all helps :)


(*** Note to admins, the PL code was changed to comply with forum rules that I forgot about when origionally typing the post, Sorry for any confusion but now this is a pretend repeater)

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