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Front panel pl tones programming.



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well, hes 50% correct.

maybe 65%,


So, Kenwood 880's do have FPP but I have never been able to figure out how to actually program anything through there. I did remove the jumper and enabled FPP in the software. I'm just a bit of a dumb pup I guess lol.

I did find a way to change tones on the fly, but I think your limited to 10 or 15 tones. I first assigned one of the buttons to "Operator Selectable Tone" (Sometimes labeled OST) Then I went into the Selectable Tone list and entered in the most used tones. For instance, I added 141.3 and labeled it "Travel tone" Also added DCS223N as this is the tone I use for my repeater.

The nice thing is that OST is available on most part 90 radios meaning this little cheat can be used on almost any radio. OST will also temporarily override any memory channels, so if you load all of the GMRS simplex and repeater channels you can change the tone on the fly to one you have stored. The downside is that your limited to whatever tones you put in the OST list which isn't very many. Best bet is to research what everyone uses around you and add the most common tones, as well as the travel tone.

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Ok, after a little bit of playing with the FPP, I figured it out.

First you need to follow all the steps to enable FPP, this includes remove a resister and enabling FPP through the software.

to enter FPP, press and hold "D" while the radio boots up, you should see "Self Prog"


Press Mon, then you can select the group/channel you wish to program (I believe D switches between channel and group)

Press B and it will let you scroll through the band. Pressing A switches your step size for faster scrolling


Enter your RX frequency


Press B and youll get RSX ----- This is where you put your tone info in. Pressing MON or SCAN switches between CTCSS and DCS, the right hand up and down arrows should change the tone number.


Press B and you have your TX frequency, enter that in and press B


TSX is your input code, enter the same way you did RSX and press B


Few more options pressing B to accept till it gets back to the group/channel screen and your all done.

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Ok, Is there a type 90 radio that is front panel programmable for pl tones?

The Motorola CP-200XLS and the PR-400 handhelds will do exactly that, and are not restricted to any limited number of PLs. They will do the full set of CTCSS tones. They are both Commercial Series radios. I believe that mobiles, CM-300 and PM-400 in the the same series can also do this.


I have both portables here and have configured both of them this way. I don’t have either mobile so I haven’t had the opportunity to try this.

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No problem Elkhunter, or should I call you Elmer J Fudd (Sorry its the Icon lol.) While I like the reliability of Motorola products, the prices of software, and the fact that older units required special equipment to program them, kinda turned me off of motorola for anything other than the repeater. Because of that, I have been used Kenwood 380/880 radios. The nice thing is that they all use the same software and they are all set up exactly the same. Basically, my trucks mobile radio is keyed the same as my brothers portable, and my mothers mobile.

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