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Can't find anything in my area

Guest James

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Got my license about two weeks ago.

Scanning three times a day. Can't find anything on GMRS channels. Only the local kids walkies on FRS.

Anyone know anything about the central Wisconsin greater Wausau area.

I'm using a UV5R with stock antenna so I know I need a better antenna.

Downtown, Rib Mtn. (shopping district), Schofield, Weston... the whole region is silent.

Starting to think I'm doing something wrong, got to be someone out there.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi James.  Thanks for checking in. 


Some ares are very quiet.  Especially because the band (frequency group) is somewhat short-range / Line of Sight tech.  Unless someone is within a couple of miles, you likely wont hear them.  The most I got out of my HT's are about 6.3 miles.  Normally its 2 miles or less.


Did you buy the radio for entertainment, looking for others to talk to or did you get it for another purpose and just trying to find users outside of that intended purpose?


Also, not trying to give you a hard time, but the UV5R isn't approved for use on GMRS and FRS frequencies.  You can listen with no issues, but they are Ham/Amateur radios, so you can't legal transmit on GMRS/FRS frequencies.  They are capable of operating in unapproved modes, capable of using too much bandwidth and are not capable of going to a low enough output power setting to stay within the 0.5 watts on some of the FRS channels.  I figured I would just give you a heads-up on those points.

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Get a pole and put up an outdoor antenna, the higher the better. Use a segment of LMR240 or LMR400 for a longer run, to connect to radio with an adapter. I use a BNC adapter and use BNC type antennas and BNC on the main feedline as well. You can also use a more flexible 240 for the final connection to the radio. BNC does have some loss, but is convenient to take radio from house to Truck, to car. If you do decide to work with poles, check out the pole to pole brackets as well as the hinged base lean over option for ease of servicing. Also  a Yagi antenna is directional and will allow you to connect to radios and repeaters much further away. If you go directional you may also want a rotor.

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Guest pbloc900

Hey James,

I just got my license and I live in Stevens Point.  I’ve got a Midland GMRS radio on the way and have ordered an antenna for my house.  Give me 2-3 weeks and I should be on the air.




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