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GMRS Channels 04 and 19 are able to communicate between each other. Why is this?



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When I tune into channel 04 (462.6375) I can communicate to my other radio which is on channel 19 (462.650). I don't understand, is this normal?

You are on an a channel that is offset by 12.5 KHz. If you programmed your radio incorrectly and specified that channel as a wide band then you are bleeding over the channel boundaries. A narrow or 12.5 KHz channel has 10 KHz to carry intelligence with 1.25 KHz on each side as a quiet guard bang. A wide channel has 20 KHz for intelligence with a 2.5 KHz guard on each side. Chanel 4 should be specified as a narrow-band (NB) channel.

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In very broad terms, Radio receiver spec's are measured in 2 parameters. Sensitivity (the ability to hear a weak signal) and Selectivity (the ability to distinguish between wanted/unwanted signals). Those two parameters are both important, but usually work against each other. It's difficult to engineer a radio receiver that can pick out a weak signal - while also distinguishing between wanted & unwanted signals.


The reason to tell you all that - is that less expensive radios usually don't bother spending the time & money to engineer and build a really good receiving system - what we term a "front end" in the radio business. Most of the inexpensive radios people are buying for GMRS have a poorly designed front end  - one that is sensitive, but not very selective. I have a feeling that is why you're seeing (hearing) what you have experienced with your radios.


After all that's been said - move the two radios apart 100 feet or more, and your problem will most likely resolve itself.

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