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  1. Welcome to the forum abbysdaddy
  2. I haven't tried to program them from the radio itself I use a pc to program all my radios much simpler and faster for me sorry couldn't help on the matter maybe one of the other members have the knowledge or info you seek
  3. now that's just ridiculous who needs that much cushion on a seat
  4. I can confirm KPG-49D version 4.02 from ham files works on windows 7 installed normal with no issues also just uninstalled and reinstalled with no issues
  5. set Tone Mode: TSQL set Tone 97.4 set ToneSql: 97.4
  6. hello nickraeon and Welcome to the forums
  7. glad to hear you've made progress ill have to get that project started up again when time permits please keep us updated on your success
  8. not sure if this would work as you are intending but i have tested it with minor issues that could be sorted out had kinda same idea but the project got set aside for now' echostation http://www.synergenics.com/sc/ also some more interesting tools http://www.w1hkj.com/index.html and of course remote access could be done several ways I use PhoneMyPC http://softwareforme.com/?page_id=6 forgive me if I missed your idea or intent
  9. Jones marcspazhow much difference would LDF4-50A make than LMR-400
  10. Hello and Welcome to the forums
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