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Motorola M1225 repeater build with msf-5000 pa



Hello all,


Does anyone know if it is possible to lower the wattage output on a radius M1225?

I read in repeater-builder that an m1225 was a good exciter for a (stand alone) msf-5000 pa .

The Msf-5000 has an input of >5watts give or take....

I do have the rss (windows xp) for the Motorola m1225, I'm thinking, there might be a way, to adjust output wattage, in the service feature?

Also I've read in forums (years ago) that people would adjust the m1225 potentiometer, when programming out of band, for ham use....

I'm putting together a repeater in the vhf business bands.

I was also thinking an inline attenuator, but that kinda defeats the purpose of increasing the duty cycle, even on low,15 watts...just more heat generated that needs to be exhausted.

Please and thank you for any help you can give me in this matter.



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I don,t think you can get the GR1225 that low and be stable. I never had any turned down below 10 watts. There is alot of info out there on the GM300 and maxtrac radios that used very similar PA's and would wander on really low power. I run the TPL amps on my GR1225 repeaters in both UHF and VHF and have had good luck with them.

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