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Linking GMRS repeaters

Guest Scott

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Guest Scott

I have a question about linking GMRS repeaters.  I just applied for my GMRS license today.  I have several UHF repeaters, Duplexers and power supplies that I would like to put to use.   I have several comm sites around Northern Utah and Southeast Idaho. I wanted to see if its within the rules to link the GMRS repeaters that I want to install?  Any help with this would be great.  Thanks in advance.    Scott

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Hi Scott,


Welcome! Once you get your GMRS license it will take another 24-48 hours for our website to see it (unfortunately a delay caused by the FCC). So be sure to come back and register as soon as you're able!


GMRS repeater linking traditionally has been a contentious issue because the Part 95 rules were not clear on it. The rules were written before linking via the Internet was even a thing, so there were old rules which covered interconnection to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to prevent autopatch use on GMRS. Rules referenced other rule parts that no longer existed, for example, it was a real mess. Everyone had been confused for many years and the FCC did not provide any clarification until the recent rule changes in 2017.


Now, network connection (but still not via the PSTN) is permissible. There are blanket restrictions in Part 95 against linking, but there are overriding rules in Part 95 Subpart E which covers GMRS. This is much clearer than what we had in the past, and opens up repeater linking. There are still other rules to be mindful of, like not causing interference, making sure unlicensed users cannot transmit, cooperative channel use, etc.


I have started the myGMRS Network, which uses a customized version of AllstarLink software running on Raspberry Pi computers (although you can also use 32-bit or 64-bit x86 computers as well). These run Linux and use a radio interface to connect to the repeater itself. Right now we have over 50 repeaters on the system across the US, and it's the system we use to run the National GMRS Net every Sunday.


Anyone with a real repeater (no simplex nodes running at someone's house) are allowed to join the network. We sell linking bundle kits which give you everything you need except an interface cable to your repeater (and we may even be able to build a custom cable for you, depending on the repeater model). 


Currently there is no membership cost to join the network. Your repeaters would not need to be connected to any of our other repeaters, it's up to each owner to decide who they connect to and when. You'll see on our linking map that most repeaters are linked regionally most of the time but on Sundays they all link to our National Hub (Node 100) for the weekly net, and then disconnect to go back to being regional systems. The idea here was to have one unified system that is interoperable, but we're not forcing people to link. It's better than every group having their own setup and no common technology.


myGMRS Network Map (red lines show which nodes are currently connected, red dots are currently receiving RF traffic, blue dots are offline)

myGMRS Repeater Linking Bundle

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