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Radio/distance help

Guest Mike b

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So I have looked into ham radio and tried studying for the test but that is just to much trouble. I Just want a emergency radio for me and my wife to have that I Can communicate on if cell phones go down. I Need something as simple as possible. I was recommended to look into gmrs radio. I

Like what I am seeing but now it looks like repeaters are gonna be my issue with this. I need a 50 mile reach from Bessemer to odenville Alabama. Looks like I only have one repeater in Cullman Alabama that is the closest to us. Can anyone tell me before I order these radios if I will be able to make this work or not.

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I doubt this will work. You really need a repeater closer to Birmingham to be certain this would work. 


I'm basing this solely on distance and orientation based on a map. Locals with more knowledge of the terrain and performance of that repeater in particular may disagree.



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There is ZERO chance that it will work on simplex, ground level with GMRS.  You have a huge ridge line that runs almost parallel, just a degree of two off, but one town is on one side of the ridge while the other is on the blind side of the ridge. 


You need HF NVIS for reliable comms (probable between 1.9MHz to 3.8MHz) or there needs to be a repeater on the high point of the ridge line about half way between the two towns or two, 200'+ towers on each side of the ridge, in each town.

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