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Raspberry Pi Node, can it run PHP as well as Asterisk



So I am thinking, that little Raspberry box might have more left in it that can be of use at a repeater site.

External control of "other" devices.

For starters cooling fans based on a temp sensor input.

Loss of power resulting in transfer to backup.

Backup battery state.

Solar charging system state

And more....

With the Pi GPIOs external in-outs the hardware is there.


I do realize there are probably some repeater controllers running out there that already incorporate some of these functions, but mine do not.


So the questions comes down to...

Can PHP be loaded along with Asterisk? This would require opening Port 80 so a "Dashboard" of monitored points and access to functions could be accessed remotely.


Is there enough horsepower and memory? I believe the Pi myGMRS is sending out is a 3 B+ 1.4 gig 64 bit quad core processor with a gig of memory. (not sure the Linux version running can utilize the 64 bit though).


Over thinking it? 

Too much time on my hands?

Just add another Raspberry to handle these operations?


Never Satisfied (Rick H)

WQHJ382 / W2rgh




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PHP 7 is installed on the command line by default but there's no web server (Apache or Nginx) installed by default, but it can certainly be added using apt-get.


I know some people have installed Allmon or Supermon on their nodes easily as well.


The question is can you tap into the GPIO pins of the URI device while app_rpt is using it, and I'm not sure. However, you can use the app_rpt features to toggle these pins like by DTMF command or by setting a schedule, for example.

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Thanks for that bit of insight. I will investigate further into app_rpt DTMF control.

For my needs I would need an input though for a temp sensor.

May require GPIO expansion board depending on what's currently being use.


I have an external stand alone $6 thermal board with LED display and relay running now to control the fans on xceiver.

Rick H...

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