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Is less always more when it comes to antenna cables



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Wavelength varies with the medium through which the signal travels.


In free space, wavelength for GMRS is approx 25.40 inches.

In solid copper wire, wavelength is approx 24.13 inches.

In coax it varies based on its construction and materials, but can be around 16.75 inches.


To calculate approx wavelength in free space, use the formula 300/[Freq in MHz] to get length in meters. 300 stands for the approx speed of light in millions of meters per second.


To approximate wavelength in solid copper, multiple free space wavelength by .95.


To approximate wavelength in coax, look up specs for the coax and look for its velocity factor (often called ‘Nominal Velocity of Propagation’). Multiply the free space wavelength by this value.


You can find some typical values for velocity of propagation here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velocity_factor






With GMRS, what is one wave lenght?

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