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Anytone AT-888


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what are you asking anytone are real good radio but if you are going to use this with GMRS you will need to up your licence to ham licence because of the wattage this radio put out.

This is absolutely incorrect! No amateur radio service license allows operations on GMRS frequencies. Power level is limited per FCC GMRS rules, not a ham license.

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There are a gajillion radios out there that are capable of operating on GMRS frequencies - but aren't certified by the FCC for GMRS operation. The reason for this is twofold.


In the first case - someone has to apply for certification. That takes time and money.


Secondly, in order to be successfully pass certification, the radio will need to be made incapable of operating outside of GMRS frequencies, and in compliance with GMRS power levels, which vary per channel (and per mobile/HT as well). If the radio design is amenable - only a firmware change will be needed. However, this isn't free or cheap either.


Lastly, GMRS radios have a limited market - they're only good for use in the US. In order to amortize the work needed to get a radio certified - an asian manufacturer is going to need a local sponsor (i.e. US distributer) to make a commitment to a minimum purchase in order to make it worth their while. Radio equipment authorizations vary by countries. It's a fractured system. It's always been this way, unfortunately. 

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