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Question I have a Kenwood TS-830 35 watt transmit and a Kenwood TK-860 25 watt Receive radio and I bought this as a repeater with a cable from one of the mic jacks that go into the other radio so I have a GMRS 35 watt repeater. I want to put this repeater on the network with the proper cable does the network node I buy from MY.GMRS just plug and play? Thank you for any direction I like plug and play without a lot of problems hooking up. 

Thank You



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Hi Joe,


As long as those radios have an accessory connector that provides PTT, COR, and RX/TX audio you should be able to interface it with a URIxB from DMK Engineering. We sell linking bundles that give you the Raspberry Pi and the URIxB, you just need to add your own cable to connect to the radios. Depending on the type of interface required, we can make custom cables for $40-50.


Asterisk nodes aren't exactly plug-and-play, but the ones we sell are pretty close. We configure the software for you so once you plug in the Raspberry Pi it'll already be "on the network", but you'll still need to tune your audio settings to get the volume levels correct and make sure the PTT polarity is correct, for example. Many people buy these kits because they get you 90% of the way there and only a little fine tuning is required which is going to vary with each person's individual needs and hardware, so that's why it can't be 100% plug-and-play.


For those who are interested in a DIY setup, we have the software image available or you can buy an SD card with the software preconfigured with your node information for a nominal charge.


All of these can be found on the myGMRS Shop:







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