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Kenwood SERIAL program cable for TK-863G

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it "looks" right. the Kenwood cables I have are db25's wdb9 adapters. I have a USB for the some mobiles.

If I saw this this morning I would have looked up the par t#'s for you from Kenwood. will look Monday if thats any help.

you know for 14 bucks I'd go for it.

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I haven't had good luck trying to find a SERIAL program cable for some of my Kenwoods...


I did locate this one at Amazon.com....  anyone familiar with this particular cable and vendor at Amazon?






Are you needing this cable for a Tk mobile series radio or a TK hand held. If you are looking for Hand hald it should be correct, if mobile then you would need the serial to RJ45 cable.

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John and anyone who may be interested -


The Kenwood programming cable, as listed in post # 1 above, arrived today. It is superior quality with very good components. The software CD ROM that came with the cable has many segments that might be useful for some purchasers, but I already had Kenwood software and only needed the cable.  I'm using KPG56D and KPG76D software and did some minor updating on a couple of my TK-370G portables, a TK760G mobile and 3 of the TK-863G mobiles.  Everything is just fine and I can recommend this SERIAL PORT terminated dual RJ45 and mic plug cable. (For XP computers, remember to select COM PORT 3.)


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That was my issue as well, Dave.  However, it looks as if the vendor may have purchased someone's old stock and is selling these at a reasonable price.  The quality and construction is commercial, not something just thrown together in a garage somewhere.


I have my entire responder radio system updated, except for the TK 280 and TK380 portables... and I'll do those as soon as the KPG36 cable arrives this week


With hurricane season under way, I'm glad that I have nearly everything ready to go if needed.





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