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Help - New Baofeng GMRS-V1 user




This is day 1 with my new Baofeng GMRS-V1.

I bought the extended antenna and its attached.

I've made no programming changes to the radio, Its new out of the box.


The problem is no one can hear me, nor can I hear anyone.


I currently have the upper at GMRS08 and lower GMRS17.

I hear no static, nothing.


When I xmit the display lights up and there is a red/orange led on top.


What am I missing here ?

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Absolutely any number of things.

First, Welcome to the forums. There are a lot of great techs that can help you out with almost anything you ask.

Now. As I said, there are any number of things wrong with your set-up, I'll list a few basic ones to start.

1) Nobody on frequency. This is a big one as most people think if they dial up a frequency and key up somebody somewhere will be listening. With 22 channels to chose from catching people on simplex isn't always easy.

2) Wrong PL/DPL programing. Along with knowing which channel to listen to, there are "Private Line/Digital Private Line" codes commonly refereed to as CTCSS or DCS codes. These codes will mute your radios speaker unless an incoming transmission has a matching code. There are hundreds of codes, and when you add in split tone combos, thousands of code combinations. This only complicates things more when making simplex calls.

3) Terrain reducing range. With GMRS and especially on portable radios, your range is extremely limited depending on the terrain you are in. GMRS works off line of sight, thus if you can see it, you should be able to talk to it. The more hills, trees, or buildings between you and the other radio, the less range you will have.

An easy way to fix this would be to log into MyGMRS.com and use the map or repeater finder to locate repeaters near you if any. Follow the directions to get permission to use a local repeater, and that may extend your range.

I hope some of this helps :)

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On your radio GMRS 08 is really the FRS channel (8 through 14 are FRS) yes your hand held will talk and listen to the FRS channels! GMRS is 7 or lower and 15 or higher. On the FRS most things your going to hear is kids playing with Walmart walkie talkies. So find your scan button push it and you should hear scanning now from the radio speaker, let that run until you hear someone talking. I find in my area I can scan all day and hear nothing. Second leave your radio in scan mode and drive around populated areas and you might pick up some transmissions!

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