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Good day to you all!, I just purchased my BTECH GMRS-V1 radio. Sure is a puzzle.... lol anyway I am wondering if I can scan while in FREQUENCY MODE ? when I hold the *scan button down a couple of seconds and I get a message (RANGE ----:---- )  The only way to get rid of this is to turn off my radio and back on again. I can get it to scan in "CHANNEL MODE" ok . I'm just curious is all. Thank you for your input and help!



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Yes! I can enter a frequency, but the exit key does not do anything.  So after I put in a frequency then what?? I can't find any explanation anywhere for this, not even on Miklor radio.

Ok apparently we can't scan in frequency mode.

on mine, after i enter a frequency, if i hit and hold scan again, it will start scanning in the UHF band. i found that even if i typed in a VHF frequency, it still wants to scan in UHF, which seems to point to something left over that isn't working quite right in the locked-down firmware.

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