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where do i find the permissions to join rptrs


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good morning


i had sent a few requests last night to join local GMRS repeaters. i have no idea where to find these as of 9 hours later. i have gone through all this site and i cant recall where they were.


also. i am in NorthEast PA... just off rt 80. any other suggestions on repeaters i can/should add 


my experience with tech and radios comes from the army. i had used SINCGARs and the AN/PRC-152/Harris Falcon3 radios but i was not a commo guy. not that i have all sorts of variables to program it gets confusing to me. have pc software or VFO programming... if anyone can point me at a site that can dumb it down for me id greatly appreciate it. 



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Did you go to the main page ? 




If you go here and click on the repeater you want to use and request permission its up to the owner of the repeater if he wants to get back to you or not. Alot of these repeaters may have changed over time and using the map with updated stuff is normally best. Remember repeaters are private property and there is no need for them to approve you if they dont want to. It could also be they are busy and dont have time to reply to an email right away. 

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