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Time to ask for some selection/advise help from those that know


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I've had a VX5 for several years which is very similar to the VX6. 

I'm not exactly thrilled with it. 


The buttons and labels are very very small and hard to read and use. 

I find Yeasu's menu system kind of quirky and non intuitive.  

Once you learn it it's OK but just kind of puzzling why they do certain things. 

The VX does not have easy access "hot keys" for the tone etc. 


I would opt for a larger and simpler radio with bigger buttons if possible. 

The VX crams too much into too small of a space. 


My old Yaesu 209RH was a great radio and very easy to use. 

The VX was a real step down in usability. 


My Yaesu mobile radio is better than the VX. 

Same strange menu system but easier to access.  


I'm just not a fan of Yaesu's menu system and tiny buttons aggravate the whole the situation. 

I've learned to live with it but just don't like  it at all. 


I would take a good look at Kenwood and Icom and really study the manuals before buying. 



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The OP asked for a HT recommendation so here are a couple of my suggestions...

An “all the bells & whistles” HT:  I own a Yaesu FT3D and I love it!  It is an expensive HT, but it gives me a lot of capability to include Yaesu System Fusion digital communications through either a YSF capable repeater or my OpenSpot3 digital node.

A tough HT for SHTF:  I would recommend either the Yaesu FT-4XR or FT-65R.  These are quality built radios that gives you a full 5 watts of transmit power and cover the full ham 2 meter and 70 cm bands.   I own a couple of FT-65s and picked them over the FT-4 based on the better LCD display.  With a quick programming hack the transmit frequency range can be opened up on these HTs to include MURS & GMRS frequencies.  Think of them as a better built and higher quality Baofeng UV-5R.  

DISCLAIMER:  Obviously, you need a ham license to transmit on amateur radio frequencies.  Additionally, these radios are not certified to transmit on the MURS & GMRS bands unless it is an emergency.  However, two (or more) of these HTs would give you and the wife reliable short range simplex communications and a more extended range using a repeater.



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1 hour ago, BoxCar said:

I bought the FT-4XR for the weather scan that the FT-65 lacks.

My FT-65s came with the 10 weather channels hard programmed.  To access the weather broadcasts just hold down the “1” button and then arrow up & down through the 10 weather channels.  Additionally, menu item #38 is called WX ALERT.  When this feature is turned on, the radio will check for weather alerts during your normal VFO or memory channel scans.


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On 4/1/2021 at 6:44 AM, tweiss3 said:

If you are concerned about keeping GMRS, keep in mind ham radios will not transmit on GMRS frequencies (or MURS). They are all locked out. Part 90 radios would be the closest you would get to compliance, without buying a really expensive dual deck mobile and expensive programming equipment to get Part 90/95 radios.

The recently released Anytone AT-779UV a/k/a Radioddity DB-20G a/k/a Retevis Ra25 (retail $99 - $129) has the following benefits for your needs, Jas:

• GMRS, 2 meters and 70 cms 

• 18 watts

• cigarette lighter plug for power

ª scannable 

• repeater capable 

• small form (fits in the palm of your hand)

Could be an inexpensive way to achieve all of your needs in all of your vehicles.

Anytone AT-779UV.jpg

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Yep, I know that well...

With that said, I believe that something like a CDM 1250 will be a far better radio for GMRS, or some of the older Kenwood/Icom/Vertex LMR mobiles, plus those won't get blitzed under heavy RF traffic (as in: no desense, and little to no intermod) The CDM Professional radios can be aligned manually at home with a simple signal generator and a SINADder. The software can be found on the web and the the programming cable+jumper pin can be made at home for the cost of a CAT5 adapter.

Maybe having a tiny 2" inch color screen is more important than having a decent receiver... ?


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On 9/9/2021 at 10:56 PM, gman1971 said:

I've owned, for a limited time, the AT-778, which is what this radio seems to be based on: and it wasn't very good, ISO-tee tests were poor. The AT-578 (which I still own) has a better receiver.


I suspect that any of those tiny mobile radios are based off a cheap HT design. When you're paying only $100 more or less for one you're not going to get a high performance radio. Better receivers require a more complex design, and thus more money. You're lucky if you get what you paid for and sometimes not even that.

On the D578 they do seem to have a crystal filter in the IF chain. From the write up there is a spot to add in a second crystal. No idea how much that "may" improve performance. I guess is if somebody wants to do the mod on their radio and get it tested we'll know for sure.

This site has some info and mod's for the radio. About 3/4 of the way down there are some photos of the IF section and a few comments about the crystal filters.


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Sadly... and it doesn't have to be that way, you know it... :D 

Yep, that page you provided is awesome, and I've exchanged emails with Jason about a few things... guy is a walking encyclopedia....  but a man should know his limitations, and soldering something like that is not something I am willing to risk ruining the radio... :D heh. Not when I can get some more XPR 5550e radios to boot :D (darn Motorola fanboy)


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