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Am I hearing simplex or repeater conversation



When I am listening to a conversation on channel 17 and hearing both sides does it mean that they were talking Simplex or am I hearing both sides of a conversation off of a repeater?

In other words is the same conversation on an open channel 17 also on the 17R channel set with the proper squelch tones? Is there any clues as to which I am hearing? In only matters I guess if I want tp participate in the conversation.

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I guess a squelch tail or courtesy tone would certainly be a clue, but that can also be confused if someone uses a roger peep on EOT. If you wait for a pause in the conversation and state your call sign and are invited into the conversation, then it means it was open simplex (no squelch tones), they heard you. If you hear nothing, then they are either on a repeater channel with codes and cannot hear you at all or they hear your and are ignoring you. Or am I missing something?

There are certainly occasions where there is a discussion heard that is interesting and that you have something of interest to add. I usually just stay silent with the unknown of my original question.

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