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Rattle from the MXT400 Microphone



Sounds like the PTT button is loose or the switch it actuates is rattling while in the microphone holder.  I am familiar with disassembly of a lot of locks and safe parts as a technician that deals in what I refer to as "small stuff repair.  I am wondering if this situation occurs frequently and if so, what would be a good cure?

I am confortable with disassembly of the mic.  Or is it a, "Just buy another one," kind of item?


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On 6/14/2021 at 6:54 AM, H8SPVMT said:

Yes it was the PTT button rattling.  Placed a small piece of leather between the rubber that presses the actuator button and the plastic PTT button to take up the slack.  Works great now and more responsive with no rattle.


Well small piece of leather didn't hold up long.

I had to replace it with a soft piece of rubber from a discarded lock body as the rattle returned.  We will see how that works.

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8 hours ago, djxs said:

@H8SPVMTI have the Midland MXT400 and I have been using it for close to a year now. I have not experienced any issues with it as of yet. However, I am wondering, have you reached out to Midland for support? 

No, I did not.  Now that I have corrected it I probably can't anyway.  I wasn't getting any warm and fuzzy feeling from them with the first problem I had with my antenna either so I don't really consider contacting them again with a simple rattle.

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