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  1. It will be interesting to note the possible advantaged over the KG-1000. I know there will be many reviews out there comparing them in a head on comparison. I am eager to find out. I will go with one or the other once its all said and done.
  2. Alas, the most simple answers are quite literally in front of us. Great investigative work.
  3. Let us know how your setup turns out. A picture is worth a million words!
  4. Water mitigation is of utmost importance. Whatever you do, try and keep the weatherstrip in tact as much as possible. Send us some pictures.
  5. I agree with @BoxCar, I think it might be your location. Give it a try and change it up and let us know.
  6. I am not sure what direction you were going with your post, however, the way I take it...don't be discouraged. Eventually you will find people on the road.
  7. Can anyone give me the exact dimensions on the KG1000? I would like to see if it can fit my 2010 Subaru where I currently have my MXT400.
  8. I do not presume to know much about where this noise might be coming from on your vehicle, but I do know that I had a similar situation (without a GMRS radio) when I installed a car amp and new radio head unit. It turns out that despite the perfect installation (grounding was perfect), I still exhibited noise. I was told to try installing a ferrite noise isolator. It worked for me.
  9. I see a pattern going on. I do not own the KG-905, but is it a commonality that the 905's volume in comparison with the 805 is less?
  10. I'll take a shot at this. Given that you are new to the hobby, I would go with turn key antenna. I am sure that the same place you bought the radio from has the appropriate antenna required. From my understanding, you need an SWR meter in addition to some other items to tune the antenna. Why not just buy it already made if you are new as you say. Just my thoughts. I am new also, perhaps later, I can get into those kind of modifications if needed.
  11. I just find it strange that you said that the issue started after running the software through to make repeater channel updates. If it was me, I would troubleshoot by resetting the radio to stock. Further information can be found on the attached .pdf If after running the reset procedure and it still open squelch on channel 5 and channel 5 only, then well...I don't know! I am learning. Since my background is in technology, I jumped to the conclusion that it could possibly be software based at some level due what you mentioned. MXT400-Owners-Manual.pdf
  12. You @wayoverthereare the man! What a great experiment you performed there. In your mind, before you ran the test, were your predicting the outcome to be as the results showed?
  13. Thank you @BoxCarfor the very detailed information.
  14. Since I am so new to this, I had never heard of an SWR meter, let alone a dummy load device. With that said, before anything is purchased by me, can anyone answer...does a coiled up (not kinked) antenna cable deteriorate signal in any way? When I installed my antenna, I had so much excess cable left (5 - 7 ft). I was unsure of cutting it, so I just left it. I coiled it up (used two plastic cable ties, not tight) and is tucked away neatly by the center console behind the carpet. I was careful as not to create any kinks in the cable whatsoever. Since I do not have an SWR meter or ways to check, I just thought I reach out to others that have some background on this. Thank you.
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