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  1. I am very interested in this new repeater. I think this would probably work for my applications. Christmas gift for myself! What antenna(s) would you recommend to pair with this unit?
  2. @WRNA236 Thank you so much for the detailed information. It really does make a lot of sense. I think this is the best bet for the particular needs that I have. I want to setup a base station at my parents house for emergencies. Do you have a link to an antenna I can purchase it from?
  3. @BoxCar Great. Thank you. I understand the description. Now, what I do not understand is that (from what I searched last night) there are some Yagi antennas or just antennas in general that accept both GMRS frequencies (462 MHz to 467 MHz) and also work for other frequencies. ***I just wished they were all to be labeled "GMRS" compatible. I have had a big learning curve on this. I would like to setup to base station (Simplex) with directional antennas in hopes of being able to communicate at least 8.32 miles apart with not mountainous blockage, just a lot of homes. Can anyone send me a link to the type of antennas that would work for me? I do not have the base station yet, but I think I would probably get 2 KG 1000G's. Your thoughts?
  4. I contacted Midland to ask if my MXT 400 was programmed from factory to wide band and they said it was set to wide band. I have no way of verifying unless I get that cable.
  5. Can someone fill me in on what Yagi Antennas are?
  6. Can you let us know how your experience was with the DBR1 and the software? Let us know if your case programmed Narrow or Wide.
  7. My understanding is that repeater channels are to be used only as a repeater and not for simplex. However, I am not positive. Is there not an option on some GMRS radios that allow (by push of a button) to enable some kind of talk around feature or something to the like?
  8. This is very interesting. Does anyone have any videos that show more on this?
  9. @maddogrecurve If you do cut out a notch, just be sure to seal it back up to prevent rust.
  10. I agree with @mbrun. Sometimes you might have to just go for it and try it out. I hope all works well for you. Keep us posted.
  11. It will be interesting to note the possible advantaged over the KG-1000. I know there will be many reviews out there comparing them in a head on comparison. I am eager to find out. I will go with one or the other once its all said and done.
  12. Alas, the most simple answers are quite literally in front of us. Great investigative work.
  13. Let us know how your setup turns out. A picture is worth a million words!
  14. Water mitigation is of utmost importance. Whatever you do, try and keep the weatherstrip in tact as much as possible. Send us some pictures.
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