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KG 1000G priority scanning issues

Guest Mikey91114

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Guest Mikey91114

Hello, I hope someone can help.  I installed a KG1000G in my truck recently and I am having issues with priority scan.  Priority channel set to 16 which is indicated on the faceplate.  Priority scan is set to on in the menu.  The radio scans through channels but will not pick up transmission on the priority channel until scan reaches channel 16.  Am I missing something a setting perhaps.  Any help is appreciated thank you in advance.

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Guest Mikey91114

Thank you for the response Michael. I messed with it more tonight and even though it does set a primary channel it just won't priority scan it. I have a 905 G which priority scan works great but not with the 1000G. Again thank you.

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Here is some added insight into behavior of the Wouxun KG-1000G when the priory channel scan is enabled.

First, the radio does not scan the priority channel at all when the radio is in scan mode. Undesirable IMO.

Second, the radio does check the priority channel when the radio is sitting idle, even when the radio is tuned to a different channel. This is desirable IMO. The radio will reproduce audio from the priority channel which is a good thing, however…

Third, when the radio detects a signal on the priority channel there is no friendly way (I can find) to cause the radio to stay on (or switch to) that channel so you communicate back. One has to manually tune to the priority channel (which can be a time consuming effort). It would be more desirable (IMO) if pressing the PTT briefly button would briefly cause the radio to pause on that channel so as to allow immediate talk-back communications.

Fourth, when priority scan mode is active and you are actively receiving a signal on a different channel, the channel you are listening too will be interrupted for 1 second every 4 seconds, while the radio scans the priority channel. This will cause you to miss portions of the conversation you are engaged in, even when no activity on priority channel is present.

Fifth, there is no way to establish what the priority channel is on the radio without a computer. Undesirable IMO, as in my case, my priority channel is probable to change depending upon where I am and how I am using the radio.

Thought I would shed some more light on the subject. Perhaps BTWR is listening and can take action with Wouxun to resolve the issues.


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